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Newbie- Cabo Surf Hotel

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Congratulations on your choice for a destination wedding! I think the Cabo Surf is beautiful and you will have a lovely wedding!

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Cabo Surf is a great resort. Cain fell in love with it when we were their earlier this month (he surf's)


Welcome and congrats on your engagement.

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Originally Posted by A10CALGAL View Post
Hey Acacia,

We got married a week before Tasha at the Cabo Surf & loved it. In case you haven't found our reviews, here are some links to my review & photos:


And some of Tasha's pics:

Hope this helps inspire you! You will love your wedding at the Cabo Surf! I think our representative sampling here is a good one...I had a small wedding with only 20 guests, Janet was medium sized with 65-ish & Tasha had a HUGE ordeal with like 130 I think. And, we were all happy with what Cabo Surf did for us. Good luck!
This is soooo great! these pics are amazing! thank you for posting!

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