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Need help with next steps

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We are getting married at Riu Ocho Rios on January 22, 2010. We fly down on January 17. We are a group of about 32 plus 6 kids or so.


Originally we had planned on going with the Caprice Package, because in 2009that package included pictures. The 2010 package doesn't include photography anymore, which is kind of a bummer but what can you do.


Anyways, since the Caprice package cost the most $$$ we were just going to go with the semi-private dinner at the Maumee (sp?) steakhouse. However, I was wondering...if the dinner is semi-private how do you do the first-dance and whatnot? I'm wondering if it makes more sense to go with the free package and maybe pay extra for the private dinner...which is looking like it's going to cost a small fortune..


So I guess my questions are:


1) Can you have a first dance if you choose the semi-private option..and if so where do you have it?

2) Are the private receptions really worth it?

3) Did any of you brides go with the Caprice package...and was it worth it?

4) We are thinking of taking our guests on a few excursions...who do you think it's best do plan this with?


Sorry for all the questions!!!

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Hi isaidyes,


From my experience and my understanding, you will me with the wedding co-ordinator before your wedding and you will be able to plan the last of the wedding details with her. What I plan on doing is (depending on how many guests decide to come) I might change my wedding package once I get there to accomodate the # of guests. I don't have the answer to your question about having the first dance at the Mammee Bay restaurant but looking forward to reading everyone's input.

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Congrats! You are getting married on my one year anniversary :). I got married there this past year on Jan 22.

We chose the free package and just did a few upgrades. We had 32 as well. Our wedding meal got moved to the planatation (free of charge) due to the amount of weddings. It was nice and quite private.

You can do several options for a reception following your dinner. There is a beach reception, poolside or you can rent the disco. If you do a search, you will find information on all this stuff.

If you wanna go to Dunn's River Falls, go down on the beach to Scuba Caribe. They take you on a catamaran to Dunns. You party on the way there and back and have a chance to snorkel as well.

I found its well worth the money


Hope this helps :)

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