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  1. Hi Miznunu2010 I was married at Ocho Rios on April 13th and I made a CD and brought it with me. Roxy and/or Chandlyn are wonderful to work with. You can put both songs on the same CD...just make 2 or 3 copies and tuck the CD's in other luggages (in case your luggage is delayed) Hope this helps
  2. Mello78

    ROR Help Needed - Getting Married in 3 Weeks

    Thanks Sweetluna! I decided to not do the sand ceremony and will bring a Unity candle instead. We only have 9 days before our departure and I am in a state of panick!
  3. Mello78

    ROR Help Needed - Getting Married in 3 Weeks

    Hi Future Mrs. Coleman, When are you getting married? I emailed Chandlyn 2 days ago and still haven't heard anything but I am sure she is super busy planning weddings. She usually emails within 48 to 72 hours. My question for the sand ceremony is...I've purchased the vases and sand but how do we bring back the sand in the vases in our luggage without having sand scattered all over in the suitecase Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks
  4. Mello78

    ROR beach party

    What we plan on doing is going to the Disco with our wedding group. Since the beach party is the Saturday, we will have our bachelorette/bachelor party then.
  5. Thank you Marie...the information was put to good use lol!
  6. That is music to my ears! I had never thought about the tax until this post.
  7. Mello78

    ROR Help Needed - Getting Married in 3 Weeks

    Hi Future Mrs. Coleman, I am so glad you asked these questions as I am also very curious to find out the answers. I am leaving for ROR in 13 days and still haven't heard from the wedding coordinator....I did email her asking her when she would contact me to get things prepared and she replied that she would closer to the date...well I think it's close enough to the date now. We are getting married on the 13th but arriving at ROR on the 8th. We are also doing the ceremony at 2pm on the beach and dinner isn't until 6:30pm, I am just a little worried with the 4 hour gap. Congrats on your wedding and good luck with everything!
  8. Congrats to you and your new husband!
  9. Congrats on your wedding! We only have a little over a month left and I am getting excited.
  10. Mello78

    Sunquest Promo's

    We are getting the same deal however...I am having a hard time finding a 16th person lol! We are 15 adults and 2 kids, if the kids would count since they are paying $1000 each it would be no problem have the 16th person go for free.
  11. Mello78

    Appleton Rum Favors

    Thank you for sharing! Great idea for the guests!
  12. Great question! I can help out yet but will be able to in 5 months I can not wait to hear all the answers.
  13. Mello78

    Goodbye Beaches... Hello Riu

    Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful time
  14. Congrats! Your picture is absolutely gorgeous!