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Neat Idea!

Originally Posted by JohnandJane View Post

I would like to punch whomever started this save the date stuff!!!!!  Weddings are expensive enough without another thing to pay to have printed and mailed.  John's has several older family members that don't do email, so we spent the bucks.  Now it is time get the real invitations done.  Has anyone looked at these custom invitations?  Even though most people throw them away, I still want something nice.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.  Jane




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For our STD we used Vista Print Postcards for free, only paid shipping


For our Invites we are using pocket-fold @ $6 a piece includes invitation for destination wedding, an enclosure card invite for AHR, and a reply card that will list both events. we only need 85 but we had to order in increments of 25 so we spent $600.57 total


We plan to send out a reminder postcard about the AHR when we return from DR, but only to those who replied yes.  cost unknown. 

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Hi Ladies-


You MUST check out Designs by MK. I was referred to her my someone on BDW and I am so thank you. Her invites start from $3.50 You can choose you paper, accents, font everything. She will design a Monogram for you and she sends FREE samples.


Michelle has been amazing I have changed my mind a million times - and she is so understanding and helpful! The samples were amazing I cannot wait for the invites to arrive! I will post pics once they arrive!


If you end up using her- mention my name as she offers a 10% discount. But discount or not I would be raving about her!


This is her website:



Or you can email her with questions:


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