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ASP WC Correspondence

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We got married in July at the Aventura Spa Palace and Yazmin was our WC. I have heard many brides complaining about the amount of time it has taken her and/or other WC's to respond to questions and all that, so I thought I would post the timeline of my correspondence with her and the resort. Just remember that in the end it will all turn out perfectly! They really did a fabulous job on-site.


We booked our stay at the ASP with a TA on October 20, 2008.


On October 27, 2008, we received the first email from Claudia Martinez, Wedding Sales Coordinator with our contract and credit card authorization form to sign and fax back.


(I'm pasting the contract rather than uploading so I could cut out our personal info)



Thank you for selecting the Aventura Spa Palace for your wedding ceremony. This agreement is entered by and between Palace Resorts and MR. SWANSON AND MS. ANDERSEN as of August 26, 2009.

The following documents are required for Civil Ceremonies in Cancun:

•Home address and occupations (bride & groom)

•Birth certificates (certified copy of each one) with Apostille, Legalisation or Authentication document attached.


•Original blood test (To determine Blood type, H.I.V and S.T.D). Tests must be taken at the resort and results are ready within 24 hrs. (Fee of approx. $50.00 per person applies). If test is positive, the wedding will not be performed.

•Certified copy of former spouse's death certificate (If applicable)*

•If divorced, a certified copy of divorce decree is required with the Apostille, Legalisation or Authentication document attached. If divorced more than once, please bring each divorce decree with the Apostille, Legalisation or Authentication document attached. If divorced less than one year, a mandatory pregnancy must be taken. If test is positive, wedding cannot be performed.

•Legal documentation of adoption or name change (If applicable)*

•Tourist ID (Provided by customs upon your arrival at Cancun International Airport). Please be sure to complete all information correctly on tourist ID, otherwise you may need to obtain a new Tourist ID at the Airport.

•Name, age, nationality, home address, occupation, passport and tourist ID of 4 witnesses.

•Witnesses must arrive two (2) working days prior to ceremony. If witnesses are not available, Palace Resorts will provide them at no additional cost.

•Bride and Groom must arrive in Cancun at least three (3) working days (Monday – Saturday) prior to the wedding ceremony to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all documents. Bride & Groom must be at the resort by check-in time (3:00 PM) or earlier in order to consider day of arrival as the first day.

•Please submit a final guests list to your wedding coordinator at least 30 days prior to your wedding date.

•The bride and groom must NOT be legally married in order to qualify for any of our civil wedding packages. If they are already married civilly, symbolic services are available. Please ask about our symbolic ceremony packages.

•Important - If the Bride or Groom's nationality is Mexican, additional documents are required. Please advise your wedding coordinator so that they may provide you with more detailed information


Names on Tourist ID, divorce decree, birth certificates and Passport MUST be the same.

* An Apostille Document MUST be attached to all birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, Adoption and name change documents.

For information on how to obtain the Apostille document, please contact the Secretary of State Office or visit http://www.travel.state.gov/about/in...tomer_312.html


* If the Bride or Groomâ€s nationality is Canadian, an Authentication Document must be attached to all birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, Adoption and name change documents. For information on how to legalize all documents, please contact the Embassy of Mexico in Canada or visit Embassy of Mexico in Canada


* If the Bride or Groomâ€s nationality is UK, a Legalisation Document must be attached to all birth certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, Adoption and name change documents. For information on how to obtain the legalisation document, please contact the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Legalisation


Please note that birth certificates, divorce decrees, Apostille documents, Authentication documents, Legalisation documents, death certificates, adoption and name change documents MUST be translated into Spanish. All Translations MUST be done by our certified translators at the hotel only. (Prices vary depending on number of pages)


Ceremony will not be performed unless all documents are in order. (NO EXCEPTIONS).


Please note that birth certificates, divorce decrees, Apostille documents, Authentication documents, Legalisation documents, death certificates, adoption and name change documents become the property of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico.


A Marriage certificate is provided by the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico for civil ceremonies, this is a legal document issued in Spanish. All wedding couples must contact their local court house for filing requirements. Every state/country is different when it comes to filling of foreign marriage documents. Some states/countries require the certificates to be translated from Spanish to English others may require additional paper work to be filled. This is the couples†responsibility and Palace Resorts is not liable for any additional charges that may be associated according to the state/country requesting supplementary paperwork. All legal documents issued in Mexico are in Spanish.


Wedding passes are 2009 $84.00 USD per person, per day and must be purchased for guests not staying at the hotel. Wedding passes are guaranteed for purchase only on ceremony date. The Resort will only allow the purchase of wedding passes up to a maximum of 20% of the total number of guests. Example: If you have 20 guests, only 20% of that total can purchase wedding passes, in this case, only 4 guests are able to purchase wedding passes.


Coupleâ€s will receive an email Introductory Letter from their onsite wedding planner approximately 30 days prior to their wedding ceremony date.

Couples residing at another wedding property other than the resort in which their ceremony is taking place are responsible for attending their scheduled appointments with the onsite planner and any transportation fees that might be associated.


Photography packages are ready within 72 business hours after the ceremony. For couples leaving the day after the wedding there will be a mailing fee of approximately $35.00USD-$45.00USD. Selected photography packages may require additional time.


Aventura Spa Palace is an adult-inclusive resort. Children are not allowed on the premises.


Outside vendor services (photography, florists, décor companies, audio visual companies, entertainers, etc.) are not permitted on premises. Palace Resorts will provide our couples with a variety of in-house services to choose from.


Please answer the following questions:


1. Have either one of you been divorced?________ If yes, please specify: Bride_______ or Groom______ please answer the following question: How many years?_________ Please note that if the Bride has been divorced less than a year, she MUST take a mandatory pregnancy test at the resort. **If pregnancy test is positive, the wedding will not be performed.


2. Have either one of you been widowed? ________ If yes, please specify: Bride _______ or Groom______ please bring original or certified copy of the death certificate of the party deceased.


3. Place of birth Bride ___________ Place of birth Groom ___________ If birth certificates are not issued in English, please notify your wedding coordinator. Additional paperwork may apply.


4. Is the Bride a U.S. citizen _____ Canadian citizen _____ Mexican citizen _____Other* ________


Is the Groom a U.S. citizen _____ Canadian citizen _____ Mexican citizen _____ Other* _________


If you marked “other†for the Bride or Groom's citizenship, additional documents may be required please answer the following questions:

Country where bride/groom birth certificate was issued: ___________________________________

Language of bride/ groom birth certificate: ________________________________________________

Country where bride/groom current citizenship is held: ________________________________________

Country where passport was issued: __________________________________________________ ____

Country where Bride/Groom divorce decree, widowed certificate, name change document or adoption papers where issued: __________________________________________________ __________________

__________________________________________________ _____________________________


Cancellation policy:

•If Wedding is cancelled within 45 days or less of the wedding date a $300.00 penalty will apply.

•If Wedding is cancelled within 48hrs of the wedding date a 50% deposit of all services ordered such as photography, music, minister, etc, will be assessed in addition to the $300.00 cancellation penalty.

•If Wedding is cancelled due to incomplete documentation or incorrect spelling of names in all documents, the $300.00 cancellation penalty will apply

•Blood test and translation services are 100% non-refundable.

•Services not rendered due to bad weather are non-refundable.

•Ceremony and optional services MUST be cancelled in writing in order to be processed; a written confirmation has to be provided in return from the wedding coordinator.




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On November 3, we got an email saying our documents had been received.






This e-mail is to confirm that we received both your contract and charge authorization form and a final confirmation should be sent to the bride and groom in the mail soon. An onsite wedding coordinator will be in contact with the couple 3 months prior to the date of the ceremony. Please keep in mind to have all your documents in order. All optional services would be paid for and taken care of at the resort. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks and have a great day!




Kind Regards,


Claudia Martinez

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On November 3, I sent an email asking about the number of guest passes we could purchase. We did not tell our guests they had to stay at the ASP (and didn't want to force them because of the $$) and we were worried about going over 20%.


On November 4, Claudia sent us this response:


We are able to work with you in regards to your wedding pass situation. If you are going to exceed the 20% amount of wedding passes, we are able to grant you 3 or 4 extra passes. However, what we don’t want to happen is for half of your guest to stay at Vallarta Palace and the other half staying at non palace hotel. We want to encourage all of your guest to stay our beautiful resorts. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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I replied with a few more questions on November 4, and Claudia got back to me on November 6 with the following...


Hello Rachel,




Itâ€s my pleasure working with such a nice person like you!




Bellow please find answer to some question you had:




Q: As for the pass situation, most of our guests will be staying at the Aventura Spa Palace; I was just nervous about forcing them to. Does it count if they are staying at a different Palace Resort? A couple of our guests were planning to stay at the Playacar or Xpu-Ha Palace because they are close by and they wanted to give us some privacy since we are doing both a wedding and honeymoon. The contract stated that 80% had to stay specifically at the Aventura, where our wedding is being held. I just want to be able to offer options.


A: The wedding pass clause only applies to guest that are staying at a non-palace resort property. If some of your guest wish to stay at Playacar Palace or Xpu-Ha that is completely fine, they can stay at any palace resort property they want and still attend your wedding without having to purchase a wedding pass.




Q: Also, I heard that the Aventura is changing its no children policy next year. One of the reasons we chose the Aventura was because it was adults only. I am wondering if one side is still going to remain no children and is it going to be strictly enforced? As much as we love children, we were looking for peace and quiet for our honeymoon. I was actually happy to hear about the new family policy, since one of our guests can now bring her daughter who was going to be my flower girl, but I want to make sure there are still areas of adults only.

A: Attached please find the acknowledgement letter for the changes regarding Aventura spa palace.




If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful day!



(In the letter, it says return no letter than October 21, but it was obviously November that we were even receiving it...) Acknowledgment is attached!




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I emailed Claudia with more questions on November 21, and received this reply on November 24:



Hi Rachel,


Bellow please find answers to your questions:



1. I was hoping to find out a little more about the gazebos at the Aventura...maybe some pictures if possible?


A: Attached please find pictures of the ceremony locations at Aventura. However after April 1, 2009 the resort will be divided into two different resorts, the South side will allow families and the north side will be Adults only. In the pictures that you will see in the attached documents the one that says Tulum is the Adults only Gazebo and the one that says Coba is the Family Gazebo meaning children will be allowed.




2. I was also hoping to get an idea of photographers. I have heard that there are choices and was wondering if I could see some of their work so that we could choose the style we like best? I know that we cannot bring an outside photographer to the resort, but were thinking about bringing one as our guest because we really want a photojournalistic approach in our pictures and from what I've seen the resort photographer's pictures seem to be very "posed." I have heard of a good photographer (David Pena?) at the Moon Palace, but was not sure if he was available at the other Palace resorts too?


A: You are definitely able to bring your own photographer, just as long as he stays at the resort as one of your guest. If you would like to see some sample pictures of what our photographers have to offer please click the link that follows: Palace Weedings Photography





3. We would like to do a cocktail hour after our ceremony...I understand there are terraces that this is held on...do you have pictures or locations of our choices?




A: Attached please find pictures of the private function/cocktail location.





4. Any other add-on choices you might have would be helpful. Specifically flowers and centerpieces...I saw some online, but wasn't sure if only a few are included for the free package?


A: Exactly three months prior to your wedding a wedding planner will be in contact with you to discuss the different flower options etc.



Donâ€t worry about all the questions I will always try to help you with everything I can. You are also able to contact the resort directly at phone number 1-877-725-4933 when the automated machine comes up choose option 3 then 2 for Aventura Spa Palace. If you have any questions -or concerns, please let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful day!





Aventura Spa Resort Ceremony Locations (30JUN08) (3).pdf

eventos privados ap.pdf

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Thanks for posting this!

I've had a great experience with them all. I've worked with Janina (off-site) and Dulce (on-site) and they've been great at responding (usually within a day) and answering any questions as well as sending pictures. They seems really organized and I can't wait to see it all in November!

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On December 2, 2008 we received an email from Katrina Colon, Weddings Administrative Assistant asking us to sign the acknowledgment form about the kids change.


I wrote back to her before signing it because it said our wedding would be in the north side gazebo (not the one we wanted) and I also asked if we could do the ceremony in the Pandero Terrace instead of a gazebo at all...


This was her response on December 4:


Hi Rachel



Thank you for your response. Aventura Spa Palace will operate as two separate Resorts, effective April 2009. The north section will be for adults only. If you wish to stay on the north side, you will have four restaurants available, three swimming pools, yoga temple, spa and fitness facilities, the obstacle course, and labyrinth terrace. The north section is strictly for adults only and we will have security guards on the division making sure no kids residing in the south section will enter. However, adults staying in the north will be able to access the south where there is three other restaurants and pools. As far as the wedding ceremony goes, Both sides of the resort will have Gazebos to which you may have your ceremony. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience regarding these new changes. We will guarantee you that there will be no children on the north side. Please sign the Acknowledgement letter confirming that you have been notified of these changes. Have a great day



Kind Regards,

Katrina Colon



As you can see, she didn't really answer my question...

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SO I was sort of frustrated, BUT THEN, later that same day (December 4) I received this email from Yazmin:


Introductory Letter


First let me begin by congratulating you both on this once in a life time occasion. My name is Yazmin Perez and I have been assigned to help you plan your wedding ceremony.I will be able to assist you with any optional or package upgrades you will like to do. You can choose to ride into your wedding in style with your horse drawn carriage.



Choose from many flowers and styles, I can help you with your bridal bouquet and all flower selections.



Please email me with the list of your wedding extra services confirmation (Palace Resorts Weddings ) you want to have , list of your Palace and non Palace guest, your hotel reservation (at least 30 days before your wedding ) any questions or concerns you may have regarding your wedding. I know that with the excitement of the upcoming wedding, we sometimes forget certain things… Please refer to your wedding contract in regards to the documents that are required for your ceremony. We donâ€t want you to leave anything behind.


Also im attaching some formats that I will need that you help me to fill out with all your information and send it back to me by e mail.


Guest List: im also attaching a guest list format, please send me all the info you can get from your guest attending in this format ,30 day prioir the wedding day.


Laundry service: in case you need any type of laundry service or steam , as soon as you arrived to the resort you will find a format inside your closet, please fill out carefully and call housekeeping (the service takes 48 hours)


Beauty salon & SPA appointments :if any of your wedding party needs to make their appointments prior to their arrival please let them know to contact Martha Ponce at mponce@palaceresorts.com


Breakfast in bed : the day after your wedding , you will receive a breakfast in bed , please let me know the time and the menu (please see attached) you can choose more than one.


In order to check all the final details of your wedding , we will let you know on advance the day and time for our meeting at the weddings office . its very important to bring all your documents completed on the day of the meeting .please send me in advance via e mail the marriage application form filled out with capital letters(please see attached ) if you do not have witnesses for the day of the meeting we will provide them.




I am here to make all your wedding wishes come true.

Youâ€re Wedding Coordinator

Yazmin Perez



with all these attachments too...


I was shocked because it had said we wouldn't hear from her until 3 months prior and this was 7 months prior!!!










breakfast menus.doc

Cake & bouquet & boutonniers.pdf


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So I asked her about having the ceremony outside of the gazebo and got a reply the next day (December 5):


Thank you so much! I didn't think we would be assigned a wedding coordinator until a few months before the wedding. Will you be the same person working with us once we get to the resort?[YAZMIN] yes , I will be your on site coorinator

I do have one question that maybe you would be able to answer. I know I am supposed to choose from the 2 gazebos to have our ceremony, but I was wondering if there were other options? Claudia in Miami sent me some pictures of choices for the cocktail hour and there was a terrace that we really liked. It had a wooden structure over it. I was wondering if we might be able to have the ceremony there as well or if we must do it at the gazebos. [YAZMIN] the ceremony should be on one of the gazebos.I was also wondering where on the resort the terraces were located.[YAZMIN] we have locations from event every where , if you will require a private event please let me know , so I can reserve a location fro you



Thanks and I look forward to working with you!





I really like the way she copies my questions and writes her responses right in after the question...I thought she was very organized and quick with her responses for the most part!

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Here is another email of questions, sent by me on January 3, and answered on January 8:


Hi Yazmin,


I have quite a few questions for you...any answers you have will be greatly appreciated...


-What time do places on the resort close (specifically the restaurants, bars, and disco?)[YAZMIN] restaurants for dinner close at 11:00pm , lobby bar 1:00am and disco 3:00am

-Where on the resort are the restaurants located (which ones are on the adults only side and which ones are on the family side?)[YAZMIN] 3 on the family´s side ( mexican, steak house & italian buffete and 4 at the adults side, italian a la carté , mediterranean, oriental & californian light.

-Where on the resort is the terrace? (Claudia in Miami had sent me a picture of a terrace for the cocktail hour) I am wondering which side of the resort it is on and how close it is to the wedding gazebo? If there is a map with specific buildings labeled it would help.[YAZMIN] if you can send me the pictures she send you , I can tell you , we have 2 gazebos, one in each side, and many areas for events like cocktail partys , this depends on the number of guest you will have , but send me that picture and I will tell you where is located

-How big is the terrace? (it was the one that had a wooden structure overheard...not sure of the name)[YAZMIN] haaaa !!! it’s the pandero terrace , its located on the family´s side , and is very close to the gazebo, for cocktail party we can have untill 40 guest maybe 50

-Is there a restaurant that has more private space than others?[YAZMIN] no really , but Mundaca (steak house) and El Greco (mediterranean) are biggers , so they can set a table for all of you togeather ….how many guest you will have attending huh.gif What is the maximum number of guests I can have at each restaurant for the wedding dinner?[YAZMIN] how many are planning to bring , so I can tell ou wich could be the options

-I heard there are shows at night, usually on the same night each week. I know it may change, but we are interested in the fire show...is it on a certain night? Is there a show that is on Thursday nights usually (the day of our wedding)?[YAZMIN] the fire show is usually on Wednesday , and on thusday we have the casino show ….but like you say , this may change

-I know there are shuttles to other Palace Resorts daily...what time do they leave and return?[YAZMIN] ther is only one at 8:40 am that go to Moon Palace and Cancun and retourns like at 5:00pm aprox .

-Will you still be offering free excursions/tours as part of the all-inclusive price during our stay?[YAZMIN] depends the package that you buy , ask your travel agent please or the person help you to make the reservations , we have the promotions but depends on the package you get and the number of noghts you will stay.

-If any of my guests use day passes to attend the wedding, what time do they have to leave?[YAZMIN] 11:00pm it’s the laters time

-Are we allowed to use sparklers on the resort?[YAZMIN] only out doors

-Do we have to use the red carpet runner shown in the wedding pictures in the gazebos? Is there a different color or could we bring our own?[YAZMIN] we only have the red carpet here , we can do it with out carpet or you can bring your own What is the size of the gazebo and how many guests does it hold?[YAZMIN] untill 100 guest

-I heard the resort is being updated...will all the room buildings be completed by July or will only certain ones be finished?[YAZMIN] im not sure , they finish with the lobbys , and maybe do something in the buildings , but im not sure , let me ask.

-Are the certain things that will change when the resort begins to allow children? Specifically will the disco and Thai Lounge still be there?[YAZMIN] we don’t have that info, yet , at the monet yes, the Disco will stay on the south side .

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