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Does anyone recognize this dress?

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Originally Posted by KarenM View Post
I know you haven't tried it on yet, but do you think the the 12 would be way too small or just a little? A lot of dresses have some extra fabric at the seams & maybe it could be let out a little? If you go try it on, look at the inside of the dress or ask a salesperson. Just a thought.
I say def go for it - it's worth the 1/2 hr trip to see if this is your dream dress!! And the store may be able to find it in another store or even state for you.
Because the dress is loose and flowy, I'm pretty sure I could lose the weight to fit in the dress EXCEPT for the bust sad.gif According to the size chart, the size 12 is a 37 inch bust, and even when I'm at my skinniest, I'm still close to a 38, lol so not sure that will work. But I'm still working on losing some weight. I'd at least like to be able to try the dress on and give it a try.

Originally Posted by Morton-Woods View Post
Dont know if youve found your dress but if your on a tight budget .... found this knock off of the maggie dress...

wedding dress (HS9667)-wedding dress,prom gown and bridesmaid dress by landy bridal
Thanks for sharing! I've actually been considering having the dress by Aqua custom made so I know it will fit. But I need to at least go try on a similar dress to see if it even looks good on me. I'm not sure about the empire waist - for all I know it could make me look pregnant!!

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