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I think I made a mistake-- Wedding Dress

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Originally Posted by H&F View Post


Hi BDWers,


I need some honest opinions and I know that you all will give me your true feelings in a constructive way. Please know I appreciate it in advance.


Anyways, I went to pick up my dress today. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I've been worrying for months that I picked the wrong dress & I didn't know if it was b/c its so much fun to look at all of your dresses or if something is really wrong with my choice.


When I tried on the dress today I wasn't in love. Don't get me wrong-- I do love the dress but I just am thinking that its not the dress to make me look fantastic. Please take a look at the pics and let me know what you think about it's style and me. Keep in mind that I'm short (5'1")-- does the dress make me look cut off?


Thanks so much for all of your honesty and opinions in advance!


Love ya-- H


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


Does anyone know what happened to H&F?  She also registered as Windycitygirl here on the bdw forums.  I have tried contacting her on bravo bride bc I planned  on buying her maggie sottero reese dress after she decided to buy a new dress for her wedding. Also, we chatted online together a lot about our weddings and fiancés so im just wondering if maybe she got a new screen name on here again?

Heather Holmes and Farhad Sigari is the name on her wedding profile.

It doesn't seem like she ever came back to review her Dreams Villamagna wedding.  The dress is still listed as available for $850. Her wedding registry under Heather Holmes and Farhad Sigari Wedding registry is still on Amazon and wedding site.


Their website still Lists their wedding date as October 24, 2009. But no contact information.  She was very active on the wedding boards so I'm still wondering WTH happened?  Heather and I talked a lot on the bdw boards as she was always on this site planning, chatting and joking about how we both became Bridezillas. I know she was really excited about everything so I find it so odd that she disappeared from our wedding planning group as we were all pretty close and were planning on meeting up as a group with our husbands.  I hope things are ok bc this post about a divorce and cancelled wedding seems odd :-/.

Cancelled wedding?

This is the dress and size I am interested in purchasing:  http://www.bravobride.com/p/maggie-sottero-reese-18160.html  here are all her ads that are still active:





Her email address no longer works either ( handf1009@yahoo.com ) so if anyone knows how to get in touch with Heather and Farhad in Chicago lemme know, I hope eveything is okay.  Heather and were online pen pals not like her to disappear as she was ALWAYS online and shared everything going on in her life with us (good or bad)!  We don't think she had many real-life friends as she always seemed like a bit of a loner and recluse so our bdw group of ladies really felt close to her even though we were all online.  

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