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Manitoba / Winnipeg girls - Post Social information here!

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#41 tris

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    Posted 22 June 2010 - 03:04 AM

    Yay I found a thread for us Manitoban girls and our socials! !
    It's assumed among my group of friends & family that we have a social and I honestly think it's doubly awesome because we won't get to have everyone with us in Jamaica for our wedding. So we get to celebrate and have a *few* drinks with everyone back here.

    Our wedding social is September 18th at the Dakota Community Center. We would've had it closer to the wedding but one of my best friends (not to mention BM) is leaving for Australia and it's really important to me that she be there.

    Either way, I'm a "plan-a-holic" so I'm super excited to have ANOTHER thing to plan on top of wedding. Right now we've got a nice pile starting of social prizes, tickets done, and keeping our eyes open for great deals :)
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    #42 tris

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      Posted 22 June 2010 - 03:06 AM

      Originally Posted by summernightsky
      Just getting started on social prizes, and I was wondering how you went about contacting these different businesses. Did you call first, email or mail letter, go by in person. Thanks for your help.
      We're doing a little bit of both. There's a great website
      ( Manitoba Socials Guide ) that has a list of places that typically donate and how they prefer to be contacted. That's been helping us out a lot. Plus we're relying a lot of friends businesses, places we frequent, etc.
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      #43 jenninjamaica

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        Posted 24 June 2010 - 10:58 PM

        Good luck with the social planning girls. My best advice is if you see something on sale BUY IT!!! The best things we had at ours were the best deals, and if you wait to think about it, it probably won't be there when you go back.

        #44 Michelle_04

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          Posted 28 June 2010 - 01:31 PM

          HELP!!! Me and my fiance are having our wedding social on November 13th of this year. This is our first time and we honestly have no idea what to do! What is the best places to get donation prizes? How should we go about doing this? We have letters ready to go, but do we call in advance or just go and see them? What do you charge for drinks? Any advice would help us out so much! Thank you!!!

          #45 tris

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            Posted 28 June 2010 - 02:02 PM

            Hey Michelle! We're in the process of planning ours (Sept 18th). If you look a few posts up you'll see a site I recommended. Check it out, it REALLY helps out a lot with absolutely everything.

            We've already gotten stuff from Curve 94.3, Fude, Moxies (I work there), Babymoon Ultrasound, Splatters Paintball and a few others.

            Another piece of advice I can give you about social prizes is to use up points (ie. Shoppers, Petro, Airmiles, etc) to buy prizes for cheap. Also ask friends and family to help out. I HATE asking for things but people were actually quite happy to throw something small in. It helps that in my group of friends & family it's expected you have a social.
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            #46 tris

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              Posted 02 July 2010 - 03:11 PM

              Hey ladies! I don't know who's currently social planning on the forum here but I have an idea. This should help us all out :)!

              When you find a good deal, or find a place that donates to you let the forum know so we can all scoop it up !

              Here is what we've gotten donated so far:
              -2 $10 gift certs from "The Love Nest" (bring in a social letter, and they'll give you 2 of these without question)
              -$25 gift cert to "Fude" (e-mail them with your address and a few weeks later they'll send you one)
              -2 $25 gift certs to "Moxies" (I work p/t here, so they gave me 2, but if you go in and ask to speak to a manager with your social letter they do a draw every month and give away $25 gift certs... they actually give away quite a lot)
              -Gift cert to Babymoon UltraSound (e-mail them, they told us we could pick it up 2 weeks before the social so we don't know what the amount is)
              -Prize Pack from Curve 94.3 (e-mail them your social letter. They got back to us quicker than anyone else... it included a bag, t-shirt, CD, key chain, stickers, etc)
              -Splatters Paintball gift certs (we haven't picked them up yet so we don't know how much it's for. Again, we e-mailed them)

              Besides donations, we've gotten a few things at Zellers on clearance, as well as Jysk.

              I can't wait to hear where you ladies are getting prizes :)
              Married my best friend 04/28/11 at the Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

              #47 forsgirl

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                Posted 10 September 2010 - 04:13 PM

                hi there...

                we are planning a wedding social on may 07, 2011. everyone on here has helped me with quite a bit in finding places that donate... thank you so much


                here is an update of some places that donate, more is definlty appreciated if anoyone has more information!!!


                GOLF DOME  2 30 min session certificates need to bring letter


                PAINTBALL PARADISE bring letter, viod ticket, and pay $20 and you get like $300 in stuff


                LOVE NEST $10 g.c and $50 gc for mirages, bring letter and void ticket


                MOXIES bring letter and they do a monthly draw


                BAILEYS RESTAURANT AND BAR  buy a $25 gc and they will give you another $25 gc, bring letter


                U PUTTZ MINI GOLF buy 2 passes and they will give you another 2 passes, bring letter






                #48 jenninjamaica

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                  Posted 10 September 2010 - 08:02 PM

                  Hey Ladies. Hope the planning is going well. I had my social in February and I remember how much work it was!!! Here are a few other places I got donations from:

                  • Rumour's Comedy Club (mail letter and self-addressed stamped envelope--4 passes to a show)
                  • X-Treme Tactics(email--the boys really liked this one! Coupons)
                  • Beaujena's Restaurant (email--cute little romantic restaurant in St.Boniface--gave us $100 in coupons and another $20 for us!!)
                  • Danny's Whole Hog (telephone--great sauce, went with our BBQ)
                  • Fabutan (email--$100 in certificates!)
                  • Pelo Loco Salon & Spa (email--they gave us like 6 free haircuts, 3 nail services, and 4-50% off colours)
                  • Soul Haven Massage Therapy & Skin Care (email--$100 worth of services)
                  • Thunder Rapids (email)
                  • Domino's (We also ordered pizza from them for the social lunch, so they kicked in extra coupons!)
                  • Shooter's Family Golf (email--3 VIP packages worth $500 in coupons-the guys were VERY excited about this!)
                  • Fountain Tire (in person--4-VIP packages worth $400 in services)
                  • Our travel agent gave us 200 Free Airmiles, all the winner had to do was call her with their Airmiles number and she would put it on their account
                  • My husband mentioned the social to his chiropractor during a visit, and he offered a Foam Pillow (which I wanted to keep! LOL). I would never have thought to ask him, so always think outside the box
                  • Since many places get too many requests, they often donate to people they know. So ask all your family and friends to hit up their bosses! It doesn't hurt to ask!! Also, ask your massage therapist, dentist, hair stylist, nail salon, local flower shop, fave cafe, basically anywhere they know you!)


                  Also, Winnipeg Free Press & CTV hold monthly draws for social baskets, apply online.


                  All of the places I emailed have contact info on their websites, just Google them.


                  Hope this helps! Feel free to contact me with any questions!! Good Luck!!


                  #49 mexico_2011

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                    Posted 28 September 2010 - 09:28 AM

                    Hi Everyone! Another Winnipeg girl here! We are having our social this Saturday, Oct 2 at Waverley Heights C.C. Thanks for all the information and tips on this thread! Our grand prizes are $450 gift card to Ticketmaster, 42" TV, and an Apple iPad. Hopefully everything goes well, I am getting nervous but excited as well. Everyone is waiting until the last days to buy tickets and it's driving me nuts! lol

                    I will let you all know how everything goes :)


                    #50 QSciberras

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                      Posted 06 October 2010 - 09:36 AM

                      Hi Ladies!

                        I am having a social in Winnipeg well actually my family and friends are having one for me because I live in Ontario now.  They wanted to show my Fiance what a social is all about.  Anyway I know that they have got liquer reps to get the liquer instead of going to the liquor mart and they are great prizes from them.  As well if anyone hasn't ordered their social tickets, I ordered business cards from Vistaprint as my tickets and they look amazing!  I also got a conrats banner that matches the tickets and it look AWESOME! 


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