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  1. Hi everyone, I have a few pictures from our TTD photo session that we did the day after our wedding at Barcelo. These ones were taken at Playa Azul. Mel
  2. I should also mention that the wedding coordinators will do everything they can to make your wedding day how you want it. They are very helpful, I'm sure everything will be great and you will have a wonderful day! Good luck future brides!! Mel
  3. Hi there! I think I can sort of help you with these questions. The only thing they supply is what is included in your package. I don't think they keep stuff like candles and baskets on hand. When we were at the wedding office, they only had the items in there that are included with wedding packages (chair bows, center piece examples that are an extra cost, etc) There is a book to go through when picking out your flowers and center pieces, so I think what you see is what you get, unless you bring your own stuff. They may be able to get candles for you but it would be much more expensive than bringing your own with you. So my advice would be to bring as much with you that you can, and they will set it all up for you for no extra charge. That way you will be guaranteed to have exactly what you want. We brought a lot with us and luckily our friends and family were willing to pack stuff for us in their suitcases. If you are having an outdoor reception, I recommend bringing flameless candles. I brought both flameless and regular candles and we couldn't even light the regular candles because of the wind, so I'm glad I had the other ones. I also brought my own candle holders and vases. My suggestion for the flip flops is maybe you can bring them to the wedding office and they can put them all out on a table for you at the reception. Maybe on the table with your guest book? Here is a list of what we brought with us for the wedding: Candles, candle holders, vases, sea shells, decorative sand, maracas, cake topper, sand ceremony vases, wedding bubbles.
  4. No, the dye didn't rub off on anything. Not even when I got the bouquet wet during our TTD photo session!
  5. The flowers in my bouquet were roses, gerber daisies, and mini calla lilies. There is an extra charge for coloured calla lilies ($25 per flower). So the wedding coordinator recommended using white calla lilies and they dyed them to match the colour of the roses and gerber daisies. That way there was no extra charge for them. I am very happy with how it turned out
  6. Your welcome! I should also mention that the colour of the bridesmaids dresses match perfectly with the chair bows that the Barcelo provides
  7. Thank you!! I am from Winnipeg and I got the bridesmaids dresses from a local bridal salon called LA Collection. They are made by Impressions, which I'm sure can be found all accross Canada. The girls tried the dresses on in a different colour and I ordered them in this colour, which I think was called turquoise according to the colour swatch I chose from. They had no sample dresses in the turquoise, so I had to go off the little swatch they showed me. I think they turned out perfect and I love how they looked with the hot pink flowers!! Mel
  8. Hi Everyone! I have a few pictures of our ceremony at Coral Beach. Just a few snapshots that one of our guests took. I will post some more once I have them, including some from our reception at Playa Azul. Mel
  9. Hi! I just had my wedding at the Barcelo on March 16. Our ceremony was at Coral Beach at 4:00. There was a light breeze, no strong winds. Also, they provide a microphone & speaker so all the guests can hear the wedding. Even watching the video we can hear every word and there is no wind noise. Hopefully that sets your mind at ease for having your ceremony on the beach. Their beach locations are gorgeous for having a wedding. And much more private than having it at the gazebo. Playa Azul is the most private beach location, it's where we had our reception. Mel
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