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I thought i had more saved but here is one

Question for Photographers!


Also here are the questions i asked mine, note i have two photographers coming.


1.Who does what when you shoot a wedding together?

2.What timeline do you use? (as far as, before shots, etc)

3.Will I receive both of your photos?

4.Will you give every single image you shoot on a DVD, or will you edit out some shots?

a.If you will be editing out shots, what will your policy be about seeing the "outtakes�

5.What format do the images on the DVD come in? What size can I print on my own up to? “RAWâ€

6.Will I be receiving edited or unedited files?

7.If I order larger enlargements from you, will you do extra editing?

8.How and when are payments made?

9.What is the turn around time for photos?

10.What equipment you use and what your backup plan is in case something malfunctions?

a.Underwater? Fisheye?

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Very good questions!


I would also include:


What form(s) of payment do you accept (and in what currency)?


Under what circumstances can my deposit be refunded?


Under what circumstances can you, the photographer, cancel a booking?


In the event that you need to cancel a booking, how much notice will you give me?




. . .That's all I can think of for now. I find a lot of people skip over the money part of questioning! I hope those can help.


Feel free to email me anytime to ask some questions about your photographer or DW Photography in general.


Take care all,


Myles D. Rusak

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