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To use or not use a travel agent?

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I'm just wondering how many of you have used a travel agent (TA) and what were the good and the bad...


Here're my thoughts on considering a TA:

1) We're narrowing down on selecting a venue and hoping that a TA can offer advice;


2) Thought it might make things easier on myself and FI to have a 'to-go-to' person for the guests (instead of us trying to be the middle person between the guests and the resort);


3) Thought it might also make thing "neutral" and perhaps reduce the drama? (although, if we aren't lucky, I get the feeling from other threads that it may cause more drama...)


4) I've had experiences on my own vacations that if there's a mistake in booking, a TA was able to sort it out better/quicker than myself or others trying to solve the conflict with the resort once we've arrived at the destination.


I would really appreciate your opinion! Also, know of any good ones in Chicago/Dallas/Torontohuh.gif


Thanks in advance!!!

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