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mel - i am SO jealous. i really don't have that much left to do to actually prepare for the day besides getting things ready to give to the resort WC and the WC for our reception, but my list has about 100000 little things!!


michele - you got your new car just in time! and it'll be much safer i'm sure. your veil is beautiful too... i've also found that finding the right accessories to go with my dress is pretty difficult too.. you don't want to take away from the dress and most of us usually have something that we picture in our heads and it can be hard to find!


with all the snow we got (though not as much as michele!) i had time to put some extra touches on the flower girl pail, which was one of my last DIY projects. i'm done thinking about most of that stuff!! soo much stuff on my list is things that i have to do at the last minute in april. why can't it all be done now?!?

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Hi Ladies,

So the only things i have left to do is:

Find Shoes

Buy OOT bags for mom and sister (nicer ones)

Buy mother, father, sister a gift

waiting on order from VP to come to make some door hangers and OOT bag tags

Make special Escort Cards (once i know exactly everyone who is going (once they book)

Order cake knife, flutes and guest book if i dont get it at my shower

Buy earrings

Get legally married in the NY court

Buy favors and shot glasses for OOT

Pick up my dress at final fitting

Hem pants of Grooms suit, they are too long

lose 5 more pounds lol

Buy glue and glue my sand ceremony frame

i think that is it so far.........dammit its alot lol

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Originally Posted by echo2_62 View Post

And that makes tons of sense about the server being down from the storm - I hadn't considered that in the slightest so thanks for the update.

Your veil is very pretty! I really like it with the edging that you've got on it too. Must have been a bonus to be able to try it on with your actual dress and everything too - that's the reason I hadn't bought one initially was that i just didn't like the options available at the same store. I should *hopefully* be getting a call closer to the end of next week about my dress arriving for my first fitting, so I'll see then if they have anything new. I'm undecided about veils though so I'm not stressing if I don't find one I like. Hehehe, and FI told me very bluntly that I'm not allowed having any of the styles that cover my face (which I wouldn't anyways - not my thing) and not a really long one either. He's so cute sometimes, thinking he can decide that for me :)
It was really nice to see the veil with the dress - after trying on so many without it, it made such a difference!

it is cute that he thinks he can decide that for you - FI was saying to me...how hard could it be to find a veil....I was like, honey, you have NO IDEA!

the snow looks pretty but the shoveling was not fun this time - very heavy and FI threw out his back. Luckily about 5 minutes after that a guy came to the door and offered to plow the rest out...I was thrilled to pay him!!!

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I haven't been able to sign on until now, I have 3 pages to catch up to you gals. and I am the chatty one! lol wink.gif

I am usally the quite one believe it or not!!!! I guess the wedding has opened me up! lol


Michele, I love your vail, and your new SUV, you must feel so much safer in it. Question, it is really hard on gas? I'd love to have somthing like that especially when i have a baby to drive around. It can get real crazy around here with weather.

I definitely don't miss the snow, if I look out side I see green!!!! (some snow but not a lot)


I am jealous of all you girls who have hardly anything left to do. I have so much and it's all about the OOT bags and my obsession with having to personalized labels on everything. I at least decided my hair style for the wedding. But still a lot to buy and put together.


Meghan, I am home all day and I feel I never get anything done, phone is ringing , people are buzzing.. then I have this site!! So good for you girl for getting a lot done yesterday. It'll be my turn today to get a lot of stuff done and out of the way.

I go for my boudoir session Wednesday, sooo nervous.. anyone else doing this?

Haha My FI said no tiara!! lol I was a tad dispointed but not overly. I guess his allowed his style too lol. and I couldn't choose one so better off


Ok I think I caught up!

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Not to bad everything but the shoes and the weight loss you can find at wedding star for reasonable price.

Wedding,Wedding Favors - Weddingstar


Meghan, I missed that, aren't men cute when the think the can choose a style!!! especially when it comes down to vails.. they know nothing (I know nothing lol)


Michele, I found a difference as well with a vail and the dress. I found my dress needed the vial. (FI didn't want one... OH WELL!)

LOL yeah, we have a snow plow guy, I couldn't live without him!!!

Maybe you could look into making a contract next year and not worry at all about shovelling


Ok NOW I am caught up! :)

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Michelle- I love the veil and your new wheels. You must feel so much safer in the snow now. We have a plough guy do our driveway, too- I love it. You should check it out, I love not shovelling.


Suzy- I agree, the pictures with the snow make me think of home, too. Were you there for white Juan? That was crazy! I can't wait to get home for a visit, it's been over a year now.


FI actually requested a veil, which surprised me. I wasn't sure about getting one. We were looking at pictures of wedding dresses and he said "I don't like that one, but the thing coming out of her head is nice." So I said "The veil?" "Yep, that thing. You should really have one of those." Too funny, but then when I tried one on with my dress I really liked it.


Don't be too impressed with me being almost done, though, ladies. Remember that I'm not doing the OOT bags and they must take a lot of time.

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you look stunning!!!!!!!!!!! pictures turned out so amazing!!!! I just hope my come out half as good as yours.


I do plan on having a few shots (wine will take to long) the only problem is, my hair appt is at 9:30am and the session is at 11:30 (the girl doing my hair doesn't want me drinking at her house) so I'll have to have a drink in the middle of my hair and session (10:30-11am) I'll be buzzing (not cool! lol) but it's the only way I know I'll feel comfortable to do it. Like you said especially at the start.


I got my outfits all picked out, I'll post a pic for your opinion that would be so amazing!!!


thank you for the thread!! :)

I'll be back with pics! (I'll start with my cake topper)

Click the image to open in full size.

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here we go, pls lady's need all the opinions you got.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

I add the necklec,does it go? and should I wear it with all the outfits?

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


So I've never worn anything like this before, the sales lady had to show me how to wear it lol (How embarrassing!!)

I have a question (another embarrassment) I am very flat chested and I feel like these lingerie aren't doing any justice to that area. Is there anything I can wear to push things up and make it a little fuller?

I know a normal bra wouldn't work as you'd see it. So any suggestions would be amazing. I don't have a victoria secret around here, and it's not worth ordering from there with the duty fee's

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