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Dreams Punta Cana Wedding Feb2010!!

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Name: Shena

Date of wedding: Feb 26th 2010

Location: Dreams Resort Punta Cana






1) To anyone who had their wedding at Dreams Punta Cana, How did it go? Anything to be aware of? Any and all info is great! : )


2) Etiquette regarding - invitations?

We are having a reception at home in June 2010 after the the wedding in Punta Cana in Feb 2010 Do I send out to invitations to the same people? An thoughts!


Thanks a ton for any info : )

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Hello and welcome to the forum. In regards to your second question, yes I would send out two invites, one for your wedding and one for your AHR in June. Best of luck to you, we have so many Punta Cana brides on this forum that should be able to assist in your planning process.

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