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  1. Ok, I'm finally finished with my review!! Here it is:  http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/sandos-playacar-beach-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews  A big huge thank you to Maria Isabel, the Sandos wedding coordinator for handling all the plans and making it come together! And another huge thank you to La Luna Photographers for documenting it all and giving us such beautiful pictures that we'll cherish forever!!
  2. I can certainly vouch for the excellent customer service. Matt, your company went above and beyond and provided us the most amazing wedding pictures I've ever seen! The slideshow you put together for us literally brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank you La Luna and best of luck on this new venture!!! Â Here's our slideshow: http://lalunaphotographers.com/blog/slideshows/072310_tracy_steven_wedding
  3. Congratulations Matt and Sol, on the launch of La Luna!! I see lots of success......and even more happy brides in La Luna's future!!! At some point, we will definitely be back for more!!! An anniversary perhaps ( : I'll make it happen!! Â 6.23.10 | Tracy & Cole | Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & Spa | Photos by La Luna Photographers
  4. I can tell you that I was at Sandos for 13 days and in the disco most of those nights. I never once smelled cat pee and I'm not a big cat fan, so I think I can smell cats from a mile away. Plus my husband is highly allergic to cats and he didn't smell it either. The disco was awesome, honestly. They played great music and served great drinks....what more can you ask for ( : The picture of the disco I've seen on early posts really doesn't do it justice. They add ambiance with cool lighting and the occasional smoke. We didn't book the disco for our reception because I was scared off from
  5. Hey girls....I'm finally getting on here after my July 23rd wedding at Sandos Playacar. I'm working on my full review and plan to have it up before the end of the day. All I can say is if I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat have my wedding at Sandos over and over!!! Â Take a look at my slideshow from La Luna in my signature!!
  6. Matt, Â I don't think I'll ever be able to say thank you enough for the amazing memories La Luna created for us. They are just beautiful.....I don't know how you were able to pick just a few "favorites" out of all the amazing pics! ( : I keep telling Cole that I feel like we won the lottery with this great opportunity!! And we just love Jonathan and Melissa....they were so much fun and just all around amazing!! Â Thank you!!!
  7. We were married July 23rd at Sandos Playacar in the Riviera Maya and we had La Luna photograph our day. I actually cried when I first saw our pictures!! I couldn't believe how it all came together and the pictures actually tell the entire story of our day. They caught so many details and so many emotions on camera, not just ours.....but all of our guests too. It's just incredible how beautiful they are. Â Thank you to Melissa and Jonathan for providing us with amazing memories!! You both were incredible to work with!! Â Our Wedding Slideshow
  8. Great review, Amber!! It sounds like you had an amazing day ( : I just have a couple questions....if you don't mind me asking, how much did the salon charge for your hair? Regarding the discounts on wedding packages, do you know what the qualifications are? Is it # of nights booked or do you need a total # of rooms booked for 7 nights each? Regarding the music, when you say "someone was on the microphone" at each change of event, was that one of your friends or family members giving speeches, or did someone from Sandos do any sort of announcing? We're going back and forth
  9. I can't believe I almost missed this thread!!! We're getting married July 23rd and will be in town until the 29th....and for this opportunity, we will make ourselves available anytime!! I just e-mailed you all my information ( : Thanks! Tracy
  10. Hey SOCCER1615.....by any chance do you know the name of the resort photographer that you used? I leave in 8 days for my wedding and we were planning on using the resort photographer. I think I'm out of time to find another one, but maybe I can ask not to have theirs! Thanks! Tracy
  11. For all the past Sandos brides, anyone have experience with the resort's DJ? Does he do more than man the iPod? Thanks in advance!
  12. It's official....we booked July 23, 3010 at the Sandos Playacar!!! Except for the dress and invitations, there's nothing left to do until July. LOL!! I love it!!
  13. Congratulations and welcome to the board!! You will find all sorts of great information & ideas on here!! Lots of luck to you!
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