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Completely changed our AHR plans!

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So, I started to discuss this in a previous thread, but here it is.

My FI and I just went through a big ordeal with our parents with our AHR. It was actually quite stressful and I'm glad it's figured out now.


Originally, we posted on our wedding website that we were going to have a pre-wedding reception. About a month before our wedding. We thought this would be different and get the people that are going to PV excited about going! Our parents sat us down and we went through all the details, date, food, drinks, tables, linens, centerpieces, etc.

I wanted more of a fancy AHR at first. I didn't want people showing up in flip flops and shorts.

Now, here is the most important part....

When we sat down, we actually realized that most of everything is free for this: we have a hook up for rentals, my dad is a DJ and can get the equipment for free, I work for a brewery so beer is free for me, the only thing we would need to pay for in general is food. Not too bad, right?


Well, our guest list grew to about 200 ppl and my FI and I walked away from this meeting with our parents feeling overwhelmed. We realized that what we want is to focus on our wedding in PV, and make that the focus and put all our energy into that party. This is why we chose a DW. This big ordeal of a AHR started to make us feel pressured and take away from our actual real wedding, soooo.....


We decided to cancel it all, have a small casual AHR when we return from our wedding. That way, we will have photos and video. And instead of inviting everyone, we are keeping it to really really close/local family members and friends. We are telling everyone that asks, "we are just having a family gathering when we return..." and my FI and I aren't going to worry about it until we get back from our honeymoon. We are thinking about doing it about a month from when we return (or when we get our photos back....)


I guess the moral of the story is, my FI and I are happy with our decision and the stress is now gone...well, at least for that part of the wedding planning process :)

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Jill sounds like you guys made the right decision for yourselves. Your casual ahr sounds fun and i'm sure your family and friends would love to be able to see your video and photos.

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