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Congratulations on your engagement and welcome! I'm sure you'll find a lot of information on this site. It's wonderful! Try Punta Cana Dominican Republic. I'm getting married there in September.



Good Luck.

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Hey Christina,


First, welcome to the forum-- this is an AMAZING tool that will be absoltuely invaluable to you during your planning process. I can't say enough good about BDW, you're going to love it (But beware... it is addicting. lol)


I also live in Calgary and actually have a great TA contact that is phenomenal at booking people nationwide for great prices. Also-- sell off vacations has opened a group booking line-- also an excellent option for price effectiveness. There are also many great TAs on this site that specialize in different locations, and I'm sure any one of them would be happy to help you out.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I've done a ton of planning from ol' Calgary, and know some great places for OOT Bag stuff, etc. PM me if you need anything. :)

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Originally Posted by lori7anne View Post
Hey there i am from calgary as well
right now i think you will find that you can't get any prices
seems alot of us are waiting for it to come in around august
I am planning mine for cabo in jan/feb depending on prices
cabo mexico cuba they are all good anyway where hot is good
after the winter we have had..lol

I have started getting prices from my travel agent already for some resorts for April 2010. We were told when we started to look that you can start up to a year in advance when the flights are being released.

Gonna' have to agree with you about the weather! We were actually in Cancun in November (when it was nice here!) which is where we got engaged, and then turned ice age as soon as we returned! Can't wait to go back...

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