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These are SO NICE! I was just telling my FI last night that I thought these would be cute for our reception meal in Jamaica. Since we're already doing OOT bags, we're not really pressed to come up with favors. These are cute, relevant and whimsical.

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Originally Posted by cheese_diva View Post

Side note: They stink!! I know they were once alive, but I thought when they cleaned and dried them, they lost their smell.. not so. I found some info from some knotties and will try soaking in alcohol or a bleach/fabric softener mix and then drying in the sun. They've been in the garage and outside for a few weeks with only a slight change. Not very appetizing to have a "sea" smell next to your plate.

Click the image to open in full size.
FYI--I forget whose post it was, but one bride on this forum said she sprayed them a few times with Febreeze which did the trick!! Good luck!!

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