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My name is Aaron and I am a photographer!

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Hey everyone! My name is Aaron, I own Aaron Watson Photography out of Charlottesville, Virginia. To start off I thought I would share a few things about me:


I like long walks on the beach ... with my camera. You never know when you might meet a fun couple who want their picture taken!


I have 3 dogs, one golden and two golden mixes ... they could lick you to death ... at least that's what you might think when you smell their breath!


My guilty pleasure is Swedish Fish. I think they should be a form of international currency! (my dentist doesn't think that's funny)


Lastly, I believe the secret to having the best wedding ever is surrounding yourself with the people you care about most and having the most fun you've ever had with them!


... I hope that gives you a good feeling for who I am! I love photographing weddings and especially destination weddings! I'm really excited about being a part of this forum, and looking forward to meeting new people, sharing my experiences and hearing about yours! Hopefully I might get to even meet some of you outside the forum!


If you would like to be part of a scavenger hunt and find out more about my background, experience, accolades, etc. then I would start by trying to find a link somewhere around here. The winner also gets to see some cool photos! ... at least I think they're cool!


Good luck!




P.S. I just got my SCUBA certification a few weeks ago, so anyone else that is certified (or interested in SCUBA) give me a shout out!

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Hi Aaron, and welcome to the forum. We are in the process of updating our vendor accounts, so you have haven't already, PLEASE take a look at our vendor rules

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