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  1. That would help wouldn't it, sorry. Here you go: http://www.romineweddingsblog.com/riviera-maya-mexico-wedding-photographer-jen-nick-11-09-10/
  2. We shot a wedding there just a few days before the explosion that killed seven people. Very sad. The very building where I had photographed my clients sitting on a sofa sitting under some interesting art work was totally blown away. Nice resort, not fantastic, lots of families, food just ok. Lots of photos on my blog from all around the resort.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Peaches2010 I spoke to our wedding photographer who just did a wedding at the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas in March 2009, and he told me that sunset at the time of the year is around 6-6:30 PM. In the winter time when the sun is setting at a much faster rate than the summer months you will want a more exactly time. Being off by 30 minutes can make or break your sunset wedding photos.
  4. Hey Andrew: Thanks for the offer! Yes, I'm a DWF member although I don't spend much time there anymore my membership is still active for at least a few more months. When we get closer to the date I may have a few more comments for you. Thanks again for the offer. mark Quote: Originally Posted by GroomsArePeopleToo Mark, I think I recognize you from the DWF forum. Anyway I hope you got the info you needed. If I can be of any help just give me a call. I am headed down this week, also my inlaws have a place down there so I am familiar with the area.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege How far in advance will you be flying out there? You could do some exploring up and down the coast and you'll probably find what you're looking for. The day before at about noon so we will have some time in the afternoon. Just hoping to get some real Mexico instead of the resort look.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege However depending on what time of day you go it'd be crowded. What about local native shops, cantinas etc. things that are real Mexico?
  7. Yeah, we will be staying there. Anything cool within 15-30 minutes driving time that has a real local flavor? Ruins, local shops, abandoned anything? I'm not super big on the resort look but we may be relegated to staying on the resort premises. Thx
  8. Anyone hear ever shoot at the Grand Riviera Princess in Riviera Maya? Anything out of the ordinary or unusual about the resort or staff that would be helpful to know as a photographer? Photographer to photographer type stuff. We just booked a Nov '10 wedding there and I've never shoot there. From photos on their site it looks pretty straight forward but none the less I thought I would ask. Thanks, mark
  9. I photographed a wedding at the RIU in Cabo a couple years ago and it was great, both food and service were excellent. The wedding is still on my website. Mouse over the wedding tab and select Lindsay + Jonathan.
  10. I have been shooting as a full time wedding photographer for eleven years and as a commercial photographer for 15 years before that. To my knowledge I'm one of the few that are left that allows my clients to pay the final payment roughly one third of their total package cost after the wedding once the photos have gone live and their proofs are available for shipping. I allot of confidence in the product and service that I deliver and I guarantee it. For me it is an act of trust and I want my clients to trust me in return. It's just the way that I like to do business with my clients. To date I have never been stiffed or had a problem with payment.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Jennifer Actually the policy has been changed - if the photographer is a paying guest staying at the wedding resort for the minumum nights... What is the minimum number of nights?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by T.Thompson Hi Jenn;we are doing a wedding in The Bahamas in April the bride and her entire wedding party is staying a week at Sandals,but they have taken their wedding out of the resort to Sunrise and their reception to Lucianos.I think its a bad policy!maybe if you make a fuss they will let you use your desired Photographer,Im sure the policy cant be good for business in the long run.I know they lost a wedding in April. You are to be applauded I hope more couples will take a stand against this bad policy. mark
  13. Hi Jennifer: Thanks for starting this poll. I have often wondered this and I hope that you get lots of responses. mark
  14. Welcome and congrats on the upcoming wedding!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Chanti We didn't have a choice: noon on June 29th, or pick a different date, which we weren't willing to do. Oh well! Yeah, there sometimes just isn't much you can do. Maybe you will have a slightly overcast day. Either way, it will still be fun. mark
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