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I found a Lump on my Dog :-(

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I would be so scared! Looking at the other posts it looks like lots of people have had similar experiences with no problems so hopefully that's the result.

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Looks like a lot of girls have had this happen to their pets and it was nothing. I'm sure it will be the same in your case. Let us know how you make out at the vet. I hope everything turns out fine.

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Well when we first got there, the Vet Tech (who came in first) said that usually if it's soft and kind of moves around, it's a fatty cyst...But if it's hard and doesn't move it could be something else and it's most likely attached to something (which fits Buddy's case)..He said in this case it may be attached to a muscle.

So of course after that I was even more nervous.

My Vet came in (who I love) and he got a needle to see what it was filled with and he said it looked like puss.

He said it almost seems like it's a Puncture wound. Which makes sense because I found it two days after he was at daycare. I'm sure he was wrestling around with the other Labs there like he does every week.

The Vet said he really thinks that what it is...So he gave me this antibiotic (250 ml -Clavamox)..It was pretty expensive for antibiotic ($60 for 40 pills). My dog should be immune to anitibiotic by now with as many times as he's been on it with things that have happened from his allergies!! (my poor baby ;-( )


Anyway...he has to take 2 pills twice a day (with food) and he wants me to put warm compresses on it so it brings the Blood (with the antibiotic in it) right to the lump.

I have to do this for 10 days and see if it gets smaller. If it does, then its a good sign, because it means it was just an infected puncture wound of some sort...If not..Then he will do surgery and a biopsy & remove it. Either way..we have to bring him back in two weeks.


I am praying it gets smaller :-) I did ask him how much it's going to cost me if he needs the surgery and biopsy and he said about $475. Which isnt a bad as I thought.

It would still hurt us as far as the wedding goes, but it won't break us :-)

He said that he really doesnt think it's going to come to that, because from what was inside of it, he thinks the antibiotic will work.


All in all..I feel a little bit better, but not completely :-)

I am going to start him on it in the morning. We had so much running around to do tonight, I didn't want to just give him this pill I never gave him before and leave him alone (you never know!! I am wacky I know this..LOL)


Thank you ladies again for all of your support and great positive stories. I was so nervous all day, and even though I still kind of am..I feel alot better :-)


I will update this thread in a couple days if the lump goes down and let you all know the status :-)


By the way..Buddy was SOO not thrilled with this visit..LOL He would not stay on the table and it was a workout to keep him from falling off.

And since we were there, and since my dogs Anal glands get clogged (I know..Eww) I asked the vet to squeeze them out (because I will not do it..EWW) and Buddy reallly flipped out...LOL He was probably like, one minute I am in daycare and the next I got some guy squeezing my ass!! hahahahahaha



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Thanks for the update! I know it's stressful waiting to see if the antibiotics will work, but it seems like the vet is pretty sure that it will work. I'm sure that you're baby will be back to normal in no time.

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