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This company was highly recommended by another very helpful vendor that we have contacted. Below are her rates & services, as well as some supplemental info from an email:



This service is provided when you want to get legally married in Mexico.

The requirements to get legally married are:

Marriage application filled out, copy of id´s from bride, groom and 4 witnesses, first and last page of the divorce decree (s) if applicable (this has to be done prior to your arrival date), and finally the tourist cards that your flight attendant hand to you before landing.


Cost $470.00 USD This expense includes: the judge fee, the paperwork processing, blood test, medical certificate, the marriage license and a certified copy of the original document. We provide the marriage application with its instructions. .



This is a mandatory expense and it is related to our services. Our responsibilities are many but the main ones are:


Coordination fees are quoted depending on the size of the party.


From 2 to 20 guests: $600.00 USD

From 21 to 50 guests: $1,000.00 USD

From 51 to 100 guests: $1,200.00 USD

From 101 to 150 guests: $1,500.00 USD

From 151 to 200 guests: $1,700.00 USD

Over 200 guests: $2,000.00 USD


In Case you only want the help of a wedding coordinator on your wedding day the prices are:


From 2 to 50 guests: $50.00 USD per hour

From 51 to 100 guests: $75.00 USD per hour

From 100 to 200 guests: $100.00 USD per hour


Ceremonies and Legalities:

Please consider that ceremonies and the legal aspect to get married here in Mexico are two different things. Ceremonies are only protocol since they will not make your marriage legal.


If you decide to get legally married in your country, then the legal expenses are waived and still you will have the opportunity to have a ceremony here in Mexico.


There are 5 ceremonies that we usually offer to our clients:


The civil – standard ceremony which is the translation of the ceremony that the Judge performs (legal ceremony)

The Love Ceremony

The Sacred Ceremony

Multi faith Ceremony

Traditional Ceremony


These ceremonies are performed by Robin Clements our recommended American Minister. Please consider an extra expense of $350.00 USD


Feel free to request a copy of these ceremonies.


Flower arrangements available:


Bridal bouquet

Maid Of Honor Bouquet

Brides maids Bouquet

Flower for Ceremony Table

Flower Arrangement for Cocktail tables

Arch or Set of Urns with flowers

Flowers for Gazebo



Flower Girl

Bugambilia or Rose Petals for Aisle


Flowers for Bride's Hair

Guest Book Decoration

Flowers for Restrooms

Flowers in Room


Rehearsal of Ceremony:

This service is related to our responsibilities as wedding planners and we will be more than happy to coordinate this service for you.


Rehearsal Dinner:

After the rehearsal, you may wish to have a rehearsal dinner and this is a service that we usually coordinate as well. Some options are available in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and with different prices and atmospheres, We can give you details upon request.




Disc Jockey

Highly recommended. If you want your reception to be a party, you should consider this option. The DJ is the only one capable of providing many different types of music from the beginning until the end of your wedding. The price is $200.00 USD per hour. The DJ offers the following services:


DJ Provides recorded music appropriate for each part of your wedding, such as the pre-ceremony welcome time, the processional, the post-wedding cocktail hour, dinner, first dance, party, etc.

A cordless microphone for the ceremony and toast is included too.


If appropriate, can provide special lighting effects for the party such as is found at many popular dance clubs. (This service has an extra charge)


Please feel free to request our “DJ List of Songs”. It is a 40-page document, and even it is not a complete list. On the list is music ranging from classical to hip-hop, and everything in between. If you also want to bring some of your own music on CDs, the DJ will play them for you. He will take good care of them and return them to you after your wedding.


NOTE: If there is any song missing in the DJ’s List of Song that you would like to have on your wedding please feel free to request it.


Mexican Trio:

The trio is recommended to create a Mexican ambiance. It is just perfect for weddings of less than 50 guests. Music from the Mexican Trio is appropriate after the ceremony or during dinner. One hour of their time is recommended, and certainly no more than two. $350.00 USD per hour



The Mariachi and Mexican Trio are similar since both play Mexican music. However the Trio plays more romantic music and the Mariachi band is more fun and festive. There are 6 players in a Mariachi band, and it is recommended for weddings over 50 guests. The Mariachi is highly recommended right after the ceremony. $500.00 USD per hour


Classical music options:

We use the services of several different classical music trios and duos to provide classical music for your wedding. We highly recommend this service, even for a beach wedding. This is the best option if you wish to receive your guests formally. Our musicians can play music for your processional, recessional and even incorporate music during the ceremony. They add a very nice touch to any post-ceremony cocktail reception. One to two hours is generally enough. We also have a list with their most requested music, so feel free to request a copy of the list.




We understand how important this service is, therefore, the service and quality are fully guaranteed, we have the service of the best photographer in Los Cabos.


We have different options:


1 hour $400.00 USD


•More than 100 pictures.

•Full copyright of all images.

•Hand made book with 30 prints.

•Musical slide show; Label DVD disc.


3 hours $950.00 USD


•More than 300 pictures.

•Full copyright of all images.

•Hand madre book with 40 prints.

•Musical slide show; Label DVD disc


5 hours $1,700 USD


•More than 500 pictures.

•Full copyright of all images.

•Hand made book with 50 prints.

•Musical slide show; Label DVD disc.



We use the services of an excellent, professional video photographer in Los Cabos. He will shoot, edit and deliver a video to you in DVD format. This way you can remember with friends and family that special moment when ever you feel like it. The price is $300.00 USD per hour.


Wedding Cake:

Our four favorite cakes are chocolate, white cake with fresh strawberry filling, carrot, and cheesecake. If you want to suggest a different flavor, please let us know.

In addition, your wedding cake can be designed any way you want it. Price $5.50 per person.


Candles with Bags (Luminaries):

A Mexican tradition, luminaries look great, all around the outdoor area and they only cost $1.25 USD each. We will recommend the number you will want to order depending on the size of your wedding and the location. They will be placed in different areas, giving a special touch to your ceremony and reception.


Hair Style and Beauty Services:

You can have this service at the beauty shop or we can bring this service to your room with no extra charge, the services and prices are as follows:


Shampoo set and dry





Make up




I think there is no need to describe the beauty of these services, expensive yes but the show is simply spectacular!


Package of


3 minutes

5 minutes

8 minutes


Your Wedding Stationary:

This service is related to the seating arrangement that you want to have for your reception. You can make a seating chart including the name of every guest and the table where you want to seat them. Based on this information we prepare your stationary:


A card per guest with his / her name

A table card with the number or name of table

A nice frame that we place on the guest book table including the list of all of your guests alphabetically arranged.


$2.20 per person



We can arrange this service for you and your guests. Here are some of our options. Fell free to request a transportation list of prices.


Airport - Resort (In San Jose)

Airport - Resort (In the Corredor or Cabo San Lucas)

Hotel - Wedding Venue - Hotel

Hotel - Rehearsal Venue - Hotel




Any of the other services you decide to add to your wedding are arranged through Lovely Cabo Weddings and are supplied by our vendors and associates. These services – including music, photography, flowers, legalities, rehearsal dinner, coordination, video, decoration, and wedding cake – are payable only by travelers’ checks or cash. We cannot accept credit cards.


Lovely Cabo Weddings will be extremely strict with your estimate. Please feel free to request an estimate any time you need it. The final review of the services you’ve selected and our complete checklist will occur during a pre-wedding meeting we hold with all our clients after they arrive in Los Cabos. Once everything is finalized and your cost estimate approved, 50% payment will be requested and at the end of the wedding full payment. After this meeting, there is no way to cancel any of the services agreed upon.


The cancellation of any service must be done at least two weeks before your wedding date (without a penalty fee), after that there will be a penalty fee of 15% for each service you cancel.


Lovely Cabo Weddings guarantees all services except food, bar and accommodations.


Lovely Cabo Weddings requires a deposit of $500.00 USD upon your confirmation. The balance is paid in Mexico 4 days before the wedding event. Please contact us for further information regarding this point.


Please feel free to request an estimate. The list of prices for our services is available upon request.


We hope this information will help you to plan a Lovely Wedding in beautiful Los Cabos. Thanks again for considering us! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Always


Rosy Castro & Carla Cueto

Wedding Planners

Lovely Cabo Weddings


rosy@lovelycaboweddings.com carla@lovelycaboweddings.com

Mexico Phone Numbers 01152 (624) 142-61-92 & 01152 (624) 120-50-55


My work is to coordinate all wedding arrangements and for organizational purposes I would preffer to arrange vendors in order to guarantee their work, but if you preffer to do it your self that would be ok with me, in that case I cannot guarantee their job, I can work and coordinate with them whithout any problem.


I dont mark any price on the vendors, those are their normal prices. I just charge a fee for my services depending on the number of people attending to your wedding.


I have been coordinating weddings for over 3 years now, two of them at Finisterra Hotel in cabo San Lucas, where I worked as Guest Services Manager. Then I decided doing weddings on my own and I have been doing this for 1 year and a half with Lovely Cabo Weddings.


Normally I work at El Encanto Inn in San Jose del Cabo, place that I used to managed. You can acces to their web site www.elencantoinn.com and ask references for my work.


Hope this information works for you.


Looking forward to hearing from you


Rosy Castro

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Originally Posted by NABUMBAH View Post
sorry Tammy. Have they been a pain?
OMG YES... about EVERYTHING.. I've got to the point that I'm booking things on my own because it's less hassle and saves me money. See they were suppose to book these things for me as part of the price, HOWEVER what I found out later is that if they quote me say 200.00 for flowers if I call the florist directly the flowers are actually 150.00 (or something like that) so they mark everything up without you knowing. Maybe that's what they all do.. But it's just not worth the hassle..

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Tammy, Can you just fire them? Maybe pay them a portion of their fee and tell them they don't need to do anything else? Especially since they're not doing what they said they would do! Which of their coordinators are you workign with?


At this point it may not be worth it but if you fired them and switched to another coordinator to do just day-of it might be worth it.. I don't know. Just an idea!

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I would but it would cost us more money and who's to say I wouldn't have the same problems with another coordinator. I'm (crossing fingers) hoping that they get better as time goes by.. I've hired them about 3 or so months ago and out of that time I got ONE day that I was actually happy with them.


BTW I hired WIP...

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Maybe they just take a while to warm up and as you get closer to the date they'll get better. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I'm sure in the end it'l be gorgeous and perfect!

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