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Head's up: SUPER CHEAP TTD Dress site!

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#1 islandbride317

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    Posted 21 April 2009 - 07:45 PM

    Hi, everyone!

    Since (as some of you may have seen in another thread I'd posted) I have come up against some opposition from my mother regarding doing a TTD in my actual gown, I've been looking for alternatives. So, during one of my tireless searches for a super cheap dress for the TTD (must be under $100), guess what I found? I FOUND A SITE WITH, LIKE, A ZILLION CHEAP DRESSES (some starting as low as $12.00 -- you read that right, $12!

    And for that price, naturally the quality of the dresses will NOT be the best and there is a possibility it could fall apart, but for that low cost, you could actually throw the dress away after you're done your TTD!

    Here is the site - China Wholesale, wholesale products from China - TradeTang.com

    ~ Christie

    P.S. I'll let you know which dress I end up buying, and post pics too!

    #2 jax_the_beach_bride

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      Posted 21 April 2009 - 07:56 PM

      thats insane! did u find anything on it though?? that u like?

      Mr. & Mrs. Reid
      All my life, I prayed for someone like you... and I thank God that I finally found you!


      #3 islandbride317

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        Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:28 PM

        Oh, no -- maybe it was too good to be true!

        Man, do I ever feel like a bonehead! I went back to the site and saw something about it being a business-to-business wholesale site! I am still going to try to sign up and see if I can do it anyway, but maybe the dream of finding a super cheap TTD dress is already over before it began!

        SORRY girls, if I jumped the gun and wanted to share what I thought was the find of the century....I'll let you know!


        #4 islandbride317

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          Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:43 PM

          YUCK - so, it appears that the site does offer the dress itself at a VERY low cost, but they sock it to you with the shipping cost. A $20 dress ends up being well over $100 after shipping costs. But, if you register with the site, you can probably still find some other really good buys, so it's not a total loss!

          MY APOLOGIES for not doing more thorough research before getting everyone excited -- won't happen again! My mission to find a super cheap TTD dress continues...


          #5 KimmyG

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            Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:50 PM

            Hi Christie, I'm on a similar mission. I've found tons of websites that offer dresses from China in the $100-$200 range. They are knock-offs of designer dresses. Google "wedding dress from china" to search, or go to www.Peridress.com to get started. Still keep us posted on what you find!!

            #6 trayce2222

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              Posted 21 April 2009 - 11:01 PM

              Hi Ladies,

              I was in the same boat. I found this site and ordered a TTD....it is great and actually really well made. Here's the link to the thread I posted about it....

              #7 Dmitri_Markine

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                Posted 22 April 2009 - 02:07 AM

                I had my post removed,but I posted about something like that too. See if you can check on ebay as well. Stores like this sell there too. You can pick the size you want. Alternatively, you can show them a picture of a dress and they'll make it for you. All for about $80-200. Now, they won't look exactly as pictured,because those pictures are from magazines,from designers. However, for the price you pay they do get pretty good job.
                A great option for someone who wants to do a TTD session, but doesn't want to ruin an expensive gown.

                #8 islandbride317

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                  Posted 22 April 2009 - 02:42 AM

                  Glad to hear there are others in the "Gotta find a CHEAPIE TTD dress" boat, as well!

                  Trayce and KimmyG --Thanks for the links; I plan to check them out asap. Additionally, after the crushing blow of realizing that the site I found wasn't as noteworthy as I had originally thought, I remembered that a lot of consignment shops (probably at least one or two in your local area) sell wedding dresses for cheap (and then you don't get stuck with the S&H charges!)

                  Ah, the quest lives on! Let's go get 'em, girls!
                  Christie :)

                  #9 islandbride317

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                    Posted 22 April 2009 - 08:16 AM

                    Lookie what I FOUND, Ladies!

                    eBay saved the day...check out the dress I just bought for my TTD for only $75! The seller also paid for the shipping, so I think I got an awesome deal! I think it will be a blast to splash around in this shiny dress!

                    Here are the pics the seller took of herself in the dress:

                    Detail on bodice:
                    Click the image to open in full size.

                    Shot of the side:
                    Click the image to open in full size.

                    And here's the back!
                    Click the image to open in full size.

                    Best wishes to everyone on finding the best deals possible! I swore the only way I would do a TTD is if I found a cheapie dress for under $100 - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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