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Oh don't stress about your hair Jessica... you looked AWESOME!!!


And you ladies are so funny. You were at least all there when the room was air conditioned! Who would have thought that the stupid thermometer was in Celsius?

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Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Griffith View Post
Nikki, I thought your hair looked smoking!! That is totally how I envisioned my hair the soft curls, but mine totally feel. I should have bought the bumpits and just curled it myself. And I am sure you will have some HOT A** photos so don't worry! And I TOTALLY feel you about getting hot wink.gif, i was sweating so much. Who knew you could sweat so much in next to no clothing. I guess posing and looking so good is just hard work!
Okay, if you all say I looked smoking, then I will take your word for it. I'm waiting for those pics, and can't wait to put together the album for DH. His dad is into woodworking and so he's going to make a wooden case to put it in, with room for DH's cufflinks (star wars- you just would have to know him to understand why he'd wear little storm troopers on his wedding day) and any other momentos DH might want to put in there. I'm hoping it can lock with a key, of which I will have delivered to his suite the night before the wedding. The box will be delivered before the ceremony along with a note. I got the idea from someone else here. If you search for BD photos or BD album (may have to spell out BD) you'll eventually find the post with the idea in it.

And you're right Jess, my first shots were in the buff (didn't want to chicken out hehehehehe) and I sweated the most wearing the least! I have a new respect for models. It's not easy lookin' scrumptious. hehehehe.

Did everyone get to do all the poses they'd envisioned?

Trish and Tammy, when do you think you guys will do this all again? wink.gif

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