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Our Legal Day Pics!

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Congrats Mrs.! you two look so happy in your pics!!! when do you leave for Playa?!


Originally Posted by Princess_Head_Face View Post


I know it is probably none of my business but why do you call it your "legal day" versus wedding day?

A lot of DW brides choose not to have their legal ceremony in Mexico, Jamaica or wherever because of the requirements that the bride and groom have to adhere to prior to the ceremony in each country. For example in Mexico to get "legally" married there you have arrive 3 business days before the ceremony then you have get your blood drawn down there, etc. etc.


Some brides choose to keep their "legal" day a total secret from all friends/family because their legal day is not their real wedding day. some go to the local courthouse with their close family and have cute, simple ceremony like Tati did. You can do whatever you like! and best of all (if you choose to) you can celebrate your anniversary on your legal day and your real wedding day!


We got legally married a month ago in Vegas and had drive thru ceremony...none of our family was there and that was just fine by us! our REAL wedding is in 3 weeks in Puerto Vallarta with family and friends...that ceremony will be a symbolic ceremony (but about 90% of our guests don't even know that we are already married! hee hee hee!)

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