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Wedding Pictures ROR tina82

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Thank You Everyone. It was a nice spot to get married. We had a great time down there and cant wait to return.


Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre View Post
Congrats! Thanks for sharing your pics, they came out great! Your sand ceremony items were very cute. I like that the vases had a heart shaped opening and that you engraved your sand holder. Your french manicure looked fantastic, did you get your nails done at the spa?
Yes I id get my nails done at the spa, she did a fantastic job.


Originally Posted by ltwillia View Post
Please tell me how you got the vase for the sand ceremony. I would like to have something like that for our wedding. Did you purchase the things seperate or where did it come from and what was the cost?
We got our set a a wedding shop here but you can get it online.

Here are a few links


Add to Cart


Weddingstar United States: Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set

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Congrats and hopefully you are now enjoying happily wedded bliss!  Your pictures look fantastic!  Were the chairs from your ceremony the basic chairs that come with the free wedding package?  You mentioned that your bouquet was free with the wedding package, did you have a lot of options to choose from?

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