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  1. San Diego. My Fi lives in Sherman Oaks, so I drive the 405 pretty often>
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MarieSam Christina, I saw the pic of your dress in the wedding dress thread ~ and while this Maggie dress is gorgeous and great for a DW, I think your dress now is freakin fabulous and looks amazing on you! You are so sweet, thank you.
  3. I love the dress. I can't wait to see the pics too. Now it's making me want to rethink the dress I got.
  4. We are flying American, and I am definitely going to carry my dress on with me. My mom seems to think we may even get a seat upgrade. That would be an Awesome bonus!
  5. Where in So cal are you located? I was just talking to someone yesterday about doing a triathlon.
  6. nina1589


    Diana, Welcome, and best wishes on your upcoming wedding! I've never been to Montego Bay, but I here it is amazing!
  7. Def have fi talk with her. He needs to tell her asap, that way she can't pull the " i dont have time to find another"
  8. Thank You sososososo much for your advice. I really appreciate it. We are staying at the Four Seasons. It will just be Fi and I, and our moms. We get 25% off the rooms since we are getting married there. Wish the rooms were a little bigger. It has been a whole new experience for me to plan something like this over the computer.
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    Congrats Myrna. Glad to have you on here, it is a great site with lots of helpful ideas.
  10. Welcome Shelly! Happy planning. Sounds like you have some good choices already to pick from
  11. I hope everything works out for you. Search the forums, there are a lot of girls here that can help. Good luck
  12. Congrats Ceci! Happy planning!
  13. nina1589


    Welcome Jennifer! Glad you decided to join!
  14. nina1589


    congrats and welcome samantha!
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