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Feb 2010 ROR - Wedding Pack has arrived!!

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#81 shellk

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    Posted 01 May 2009 - 02:50 AM

    hi girls,
    im not worried about the swine flu its all just hype.

    desser - i am soooo glad you got your forms.at least they have given you an excuse (like that helps).good, so they have been sent so worse case senario 14 days from now you get everything confirmed hehe.hopefully you got that excited feeling back in your tummy.

    baj - hope you ok.what you got on your plans?

    #82 desser

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      Posted 01 May 2009 - 09:08 AM

      thanks shellk x

      yeah fingers crossed, 2 weeks should have date confirmed :)

      how far are you 2 with your wedding plans i.e. rings, dresses etc? are you having a evening do when you return to england...oh i am from Blackpool

      #83 shellk

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        Posted 02 May 2009 - 03:52 AM

        you will have don,t worry.they will be scared of you now hopefully.blackpool,i have had many drunken weekends there. in my younger days lol im 33 now.
        i bought my dress, i go in december for my fitting for the alterations.booked the venue for our reception/party for 2 weeks after we come back.i thought we would need a bit of time to recover and do any last bits.we are having mexican theme.i am going to just keep buying little bits+bobs from now for it.i have contacted the spa thats on the resort for a price list and she sent me that because in the package we have had we get some free treatments and 10% off.i am going to email the wc and see if i can get a time out of them so i can make some appointments for me and my friend on the day.im going to wait for rings and h2b,s suit till end of year.

        what are your 1st plans when you get your date confirmed?are people going with you?

        #84 desser

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          Posted 02 May 2009 - 07:23 AM

          hi shellk

          i am only 24 so still having drunken w/ends in b/pool :) we have booked de vere hotel for do when we return and we have booked for 2 weeks after also. were having a bbq outside at de vere should be good!!
          yeah we get a free body exfoliation as part of package, we want that first day there as it will give you a better tan when all that dead skin has gone:)

          yeah have 17 people booked so far cant wait!!

          #85 baj

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            Posted 02 May 2009 - 10:18 AM

            Hi to you both,

            We also have a body exfoliation as part of the package and like you desser, would prefer to have it before the wedding.

            It's along time since had any drunken nights/weekends in Blackpool, quite a bit older than you both but still 1st time wedding for me and 2nd for H2B.

            Well, we have had the rings since Xmas and are still undecided on having a reception when we get back, H2B is in the process of selling his house and then we will look for some thing together and rent mine. If this is all sorted before we go then may have avcombined reception and house warming for friend's and family who will not be attending the wedding.

            Started to look at the different styles of dresses and of course bridal hair styles. I have shoulder lenght hair and really want to have it up for the wedding. I am going to wait until August/September before I started looking for my dress.

            H2B is still unsure about what he will be wearing but I think he plan's to look just after Xmas.

            Are you wearing shoes? I would love to get married bare foot, but would think the sand would be too hot if there is no runner.

            We have 4 family members booked so far.

            #86 desser

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              Posted 02 May 2009 - 10:50 AM

              my H2B is wearing an ivory suit, shirt, tie and waistcoat, told him he will be hot but he said its his wedding day and its only a short ceremony so wants to wear it...his choice i suppose! the only thing i need to buy is my shoes cant decide what to wear at all...flip flops, bare feet, wedges, heels??
              i want my hair up mine is just shoulder length

              #87 baj

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                Posted 02 May 2009 - 03:08 PM

                Hi desser & shellk,

                Are either of you wearing a veil?

                I will be not be wearing one and will also make my decsion about footwear once I have picked a dress. Having a beach wedding so don't think that heels will be very good on the sand, but have seen some very nice flat flip flops and flip flops with wedges. Decisions.....decisions..........

                #88 shellk

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                  Posted 02 May 2009 - 07:22 PM

                  well ladies,
                  first things first baj how old are you?

                  desser - 24 you are still up for the good times then.i think my last trip to blackpool were aroung the age of 26?

                  i am having the same problem with the shoes.would like flip flops/pumps.my mum and sister are like oh my god hehe.i think heels are inappropriate but have found some really nice wedges that i might get.i think i will also get some of those barefoot sandals i like those.then on the day i will choose cause i need some shoes to wear for our party at home.

                  not going to wear a veil.they just are not me.i want a flower chocker for my neck thats it.pretty nd simple.

                  i have just emailed the wc to see if i can get a time out of them.i want to book the spa for me nd my friend on the day.i think you got the right idea about havin the exfoliation at the beginning.

                  #89 desser

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                    Posted 03 May 2009 - 07:35 AM

                    hi girls

                    i was actually out in blackpool last night for a friends b/day and overslept and missed my flight this morning...whoops!!

                    i am not wearing a veil either, maybe a flower in my hair, jewellery wise prob going for pearl necklace and ear rings simple but classy :)

                    i want to wear wedges but struggling to find some that i like

                    what colours are you both having? were having yellow and gold

                    #90 shellk

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                      Posted 03 May 2009 - 10:12 AM

                      naughty girl.was you going anywhere nice?i got a bit of an hangover drank too much wine.went for a meal then h2b went to watch boxing at a friends house.hes still in bed so ive been shopping hehe.

                      i want wedges but am really struggling.i will try and attach a good site link for the only pair i like that i have found.i like the touch up shanika ones.

                      i want pink flowers.i am trying to talk h2b into havin a pink shirt but not suceeded yet.

                      do you think baj is ignoring us i have asked how old she is lol

                      Wedge Heel Bridal Shoese

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