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    Feb 2010 ROR - Wedding Pack has arrived!!

    Hi girls! right what happened was i recieved a wedding pack from thomsons which had forms to fill in with parents names and other details get these back ASAP because then on Monday i had the date confirmed in writting! i was told by thomsons that whn you book through them they request the date with riu online the same way that people booking it themselves do but tick a box to say they are an agent! then they chase the date for you through riu so you dont have to! The actual confirmation is in writting and riu dont release confirmation until 11 months before the date of your wedding! so i have now got my date and another wedding pack that has all the prices of extras email addresses for different things and details on what to do next! i was exactly the same as you guys thought i was gonna miss out on my date and time as others booking online were getting confirmation and not us but i was told by the weddings department at riu that there are some confussions between an email to confirm you have requested your date and actual confirmation of the wedding! so whether they were just trying to shut me up or its true i dont no but try not to worry i have just recieved mine for Feb2010 so yours should be soon for March! hope this has helped! Sam x
  2. Hi girls and guys I have recieved in the post today my wedding pack for our wedding in Feb 2010 it has lots of forms and things to fill out not sure if this is just for UK brides or all getting married in jamaica?? has anyone else getting married in early 2010 recieved these? is this confirmation of my date or am i still waiting for that?? we booked back in november 2008 through Thomsons travel agents?? but was told the dates are not released untill the end of March im a bit confussed?? Be good to hear from anyone getting married around the same time as me we are there for 3 weeks from 9th Feb - 2nd March 2010?! I cant wait to get planning for the day!?! thanks Sam x
  3. Riu Bride 2010

    ROR Wedding Feb 2010

    hi i have booked for 19th Feb 2010 through a travel agent what date are you thinking of getting married?
  4. Riu Bride 2010

    Back from my Wonderful ROR Wedding!!

    Wow sounds amazing congratulations !! Cant wait to see some pics?! xxx
  5. Riu Bride 2010

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    Thanks for the info really helpful! nice to speak to UK brides to know how it all works! can i ask another question sorry!! but this is really helping me! do you know what days you can book the seagrape?? we want to get married on a friday or sat ?? also do thomsons give you Chandlyns contact details? and do you just confirm over email or do you have to pay for things before you go eg like reception dj bands etc ?? Gemma i bet your getting excited now not long! we have chosen Feb aswell cant wait to see your pictures and hear what the weather is going to be like! xxx
  6. Riu Bride 2010

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    right so i am going to book the holiday and wedding through thomsons this weekend!! then what happens ?? do i wait for the wedding co ordinator to contact me or do i need to contact her?!? do i get like a list of things i can add on or what!! sorry im a bit confussed?!?! also what are all of you having like for receptions etc?? just being nosey?! thanks Sam
  7. Hi i understand that you cant book the seagrape on certain days and am trying to decide on a day to get married but want to have the beach reception?? can anyone help as to the best day to book my wedding so i can definatley book the seagrape?? thank you x
  8. Riu Bride 2010

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    Y did you both book through riu and not thomsons?? and how did you do that online ?? x
  9. Riu Bride 2010

    Any UK ROR Brides?

    Hi im getting marriede at the ROR but not till feb 2010!! although i went to a wedding at ROR in Dec 07 which made us change our minds on a wet and windy UK wedding!! we are booking our wdding on Sat through thomsons Y did you not book your wedding package with them just for the time?? is it hard to get what you want through thomsons! My cousin got extra luggage and put her dress on as an extra case in the hold?? i will probably do the same! be good to hear back from you! not many other UK Brides?? Sam x
  10. Hi everyone i am just booking my wedding and am soooo confussed been looking at all the posts on ROR and dont no were to start! I am wondering about Receptions- were you can have them, prices and what they look like!! (any pics ) Dj, Flowers really any info on what options i have once i have chosen my date Sam x
  11. Riu Bride 2010

    Free Bouquets Offered At Ror

    Hi if you do still ahve it could i have it as well please thanks you s.gomm@live.co.uk
  12. Riu Bride 2010

    Any other ROR 2010 Brides ??

    Hi yer the prices were released on monday for 2010 and the wedding packages from riu i take it! We got the options of free package, riu Royal or Riu caprice for 2010! got all details of what you get and prices! In the UK through Thomson TA you can book your wedding up to the end of April 2010 at ROR Now! Have you spoken to a travel agent or just to the hotel itself?! If you would like the prices of the wedding packages for 2010 i can send them over to you with the info i have been given?? Sam
  13. Hi We have just got all our prices and details from the TA for our Feb 2010 wedding at ROR and am going to book next weekend! Im quite new to this site so wondering if anyone else is getting married in 2010?? thanks Sam x
  14. Riu Bride 2010

    Flights Released!!!!!!!

    Hi Sally m getting married at ROR as well in Feb 2010 we got all info from TA yesterday and are booking this weekend! we went to a wedding at ROR in Dec last year booked through thomsons and it was perfect thats Y we have chosen it aswell! when are you thinking of booking?
  15. Riu Bride 2010

    Im a Newbie!!

    Hi my name is sam im getting married in Feb 2010 at Riu Ocho Rios jamaica booked yesterday!!!