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  1. hi girls been really busy working etc been florida again spent far to much my H2B nearly called the wedding off i spent that much ha ha x i see some progress has been made i.e. dresses, shoes etc good to hear! shelk...the catamaran sounds like a good deal, we were thinking of doing that, if we can get it for that price in jamaica that would be great!! off to the dom republic tomo just for 2 days but got 5 days in mombassa kenya next month!!! cant wait hope you both have a good w/end x
  2. hi girls i am back spent to much money!!! but enjoyed every minute got a few days off now. recieved a bottle of wine, flowers and some chocs from manager at Thomsons and a card that said how sorry she was i just hope thats not the compensation she was talking about!??
  3. hi girls shelk...how do you change your profile, am i being stupid? Thomsons rang my H2B re the complaint we made and the manager licked his bottom ha ha she was grovelling, love it!! she is getting back to us to let us know what compensation they can give us...who says complaining doesnt pay!! have a good w/end girls, hope you feel better soon baj x off to florida next week, shopping time!!
  4. hi i e-mailed chandyln to confirm my evening meal and reception and she responded within a week, i then asked her for some prices and again i got a response within a week...maybe just lucky, but i did read on here from other brides that she usually responds within a week i would e-mail again and like the rest have said put your date, time booking ref etc i only e-mailed her for the first time a few weeks ago. good luck x
  5. hi shelk hope h2b passes sure he will. i will start a whip round for your hols ha ha its crazy to think that my next hol will be my wedding!! how exciting hope you both have a good w/end x
  6. hi girls i am back!! had a great time very tanned but i am quite dark anyway so just topped it up drank every night, ate like kings and feel really bad for it but loved every minute!! hired car and went to water park and palma which were both great now for detox, well sort of i am out this sat with the girls...but back in gym and salads for tea
  7. hi girls off on hol tomo to puerto pollensa in majorca not one of our choices but hey only £100 each half board got confirmation for our beach evening reception to very exciting!! why do they tell you that you cant book your reception until a month before ours is booked now 8 months before, dont get it!?? anyway adios girls see you in a week x
  8. hi girls christening was great, got a bit drunk but not to bad was home by 12 and had a little KFC on way home fealt so guilty!! shelk...that seems alot of money to upgrade when you might even get a free upgrade to that room anyway?? i would put that money to something else and just hope you get the free room upgrade cant wait for holiday x
  9. i know i thought that to!! but when you read on here loads of brides have had there times, receptions etc confirmed months before!?? like you said they just want your money...especially thomson!!! grrrrrrr! i am so tired got in at 4am this morn from egypt!! long long day anyway have a nice w/end you 2 x
  10. i have replied threatening to cancel the booking, see what they say ha had a reply from wedding co-ordinator from ROR, and she has confirmed my wedding meal just waiting on comfimation of beach evening reception very excited
  11. baj...yes out all day drinking sunday then off on hol for 7 nights of food and drink!! cant wait! i am going to reply not having it!!! thanks baj
  12. shelk...well done on your run/walk/sprint hope your friend is ok had a reply back from thomson basically just making excuses for what they have done and they just apologised!! maybe i will reply to say not happy with response because i reckon they always try first time to see how far they can push you!? what you reckon? myself and H2B have been asked to be godparents, and its the chrsitening this sunday, little baby isacc. my 4 weeks detox is about to come to an end!!
  13. shelk...we go away 5th July...hopefully!! i have put down tunsia, cyprus or crete so find out a week on Friday. baj...got a reply but just to say they are dealing with our complaint. got my rosta for next month 2 trips to florida, only 1 night though but can fit some shopping in i always have a list off my friends UGGS etc!!
  14. just e-mailed her for now, been told today that it takes her up to a week or so to reply so will leave it till next week. just want to know if i can confirm our meal and evening reception??
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