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Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

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Carnival allowed me to take a porter cart with the 2 boxes holding my bags upon boarding. The boxes had to fit through the scanners in security. I had designated a person to take care of my favor tables at the reception, so at the end of the reception, they placed the bags on the favor table. I printed names and room numbers on the tags attached to the bags. She handed them out as our guest left the reception.




Carnival Paradise

Wedding - 11.8.12 at Port

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Oh great good info to know, thanks!

Im hoping to get them to everyones rooms before they get in as a little "surprise" but idk if that's going to happen huh.gif

I dont want to wait as we'll be getting married in Cabo a couple of days into the actual cruise.

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I saw on your lists free brochures and postcards from vista print...how does that work? How did you get them? 

If u google vistaprint free___... like free pens, mugs, postcards, etc. u can find tons free stuff that way. that's the way I do it n I have gotten a lot that way. Also google vistaprint deals n u can find other message boards with ideas on how 2 get great deals (as well as all the info u can find on here) hope that helps Kara

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