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CANADIAN OOT BAG info...where to shop!

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So, I took a bunch of pictures this morning because I'm going to pack everything up that we have so far and move it to the basement for storage.  My FI and I are going to Europe for the month of September, and I need to switch focus from wedding stuff to trip stuff (as promised!).  All of our written/printed materials will be winter projects I think...but I'm just glad I started shopping early to catch "warm weather stuff" while it's in season/on clearance.


These little photo albums were $2.99 at Superstore and are covered in woven straw.  We'll keep the plastic covers on until they go into the bags, but you get the idea.  You can put a little photo in the front cover...which we'll do...and use the book for our welcome letter, maps, schedules, photo sharing info, etc.




My FI's daughter will be turning 17 the day we arrive in Mexico (Jan 29/12).  Her OOT bag will include a pretty beach towel with her name embroidered on it (Homesense $14.99) and a water bottle (Superstore $1.94):



The flower girls will be getting a towel with their name embroidered (Homesense $14.99), a small water bottle (Superstore $1.44), a terry cover-up with their name embroidered...or "flower girl" perhaps (Target $9.99) as well as a Timex watch (Target $14.99).  These are their thank-you gifts as well:




These will go into the flower girls' bags...the foam disk and jumping ropes were on clearance at Superstore, and the deck of cards are from Dollarama ($1):




Something extra for the nephews...foam disk (Superstore clearance) and cards from Dollarama:



I'm going to put the rest of the pics in another post...just in case I screw this up!

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Adult OOT bags will include some combination of the following:


Kleenex wipes ($1 package at Extra Foods during their dollar days), Puffs kleenex (were next to nothing because I had coupons), fancy kleenex (.99 at Homesense)



The sewing kits (Michaels $1.50 - thanks again Tori!) and the 4 pack of cosmetic bags were $9.99 at Winners and will be used in some way...




These mint tins with mirrors inside were too cute to pass up at Homesense ($1.49)...




These tubes of sunscreen were $.97 at Target...those with children at the resort will also get a tube of the Water Babies sunscreen:




Aloe gel was $1.57 a bottle here at Wal-Mart:




Small shower sponges (Dollarama $1 for 3) and pens...



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More adult OOT bag stuff...


The Advil nighttime were pretty much free (paid taxes only) from couponing, the advil and tylenol were from Dollarama, the waterproof bandaids were on sale at Superstore for $2.49 a box and will be divided up...the two pack of Purell (for my MIL 'cause she doesn't like strong scents) was $1.50 at Superstore, the asprin was around $1.80 at Superstore and the antiseptic wipes/bug bite wipes were free from my family doc.




The cheapest place I found the 3 pack of Tide (for the sink) was Shoppers Drug Mart and the Woolite is a pack of 10 from CAA for $4.60 which will be divided up...




Chapstick (Dollarama $2) and Blistex ($1.25) both with SPF, Tums from Superstore...




For my girlfriends' bags, mini dry shampoo (around $3 a piece at Winners and Homesense)...I've never used it but they love it...and some lip stuff from Bath and Body Works ($2 on sale)...



These mini travel candles were on clearance at B&BWorks for $1 each!  I also bought the cute boxes of matches like Tori at Dollarama...but it looks like we won't be able to take them on the plane : (




These pocketbac hand sanitizers were .50 each and the holders to clip them around a bag strap were .05 each!  You girls in the US got it made!  I was in Washington visiting my cousins over the July 4th holiday, and it was a great time to catch deals...




Here is some of the stuff that will go into the larger kits for the bridal suite and our mothers...the Off! I got for $2.99 each with coupons, the card decks, scissors and glue stick were from Dollarama ($1 each) as well as the Poly to Go ($2)...and, just in case someone needs ear plugs (as I do sometimes), we picked up the earplugs from Dollarama ($1).




This is travel size stuff that I just bought for myself that I was excited about...I'm kicking myself now for not buying more of the wisp disposable toothbrushes from Dollarama ($1).  They'll be great on long flights...




And, what we're still waiting for is a shipment from Minimus with other OTC med stuff, nail polish remover wipes, small eco/bamboo heal scrubbers and nail files...I'll post a pic in a few weeks when I get it from my SIL.  They live in a border town in Manitoba and I had the stuff sent to a border shipping service about 20 minutes from them in North Dakota.  They hold the package for a small fee ($3) until you pick it up.  Saved me a lot of money on shipping!  I'm also waiting for the bamboo pashminas from FashionUnic and my waterproof key/money holders from ebay (I bought the bracelets from Wal-Mart too).  Oh...and my first shipment from Vistaprint should be here next week...



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I meant to add this here too...the actual OOT bags (from Dollarama):




The larger ones (below) will be used for our parents, wedding party attendants, and my girlfriends...




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Everything looks awesome! I want those passport covers, I went to three different Michael's' looking for those lil sewing kits and did not see the passport covers at all. Eek!

I have all my aloe from Avon and all my chapstick, and I have been working on putting labels on stuff like the dollarama first aid kits - what sort of label have you guys been using for your chapstick? When I print on a regular label its like.. I dunno.. too matte for my liking? I want something shiny but I don't want a clear label - does this exist? lol

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I really really like your bags...wish I found them earlier...ugh:(

Originally Posted by MJKH View Post

I meant to add this here too...the actual OOT bags (from Dollarama):




The larger ones (below) will be used for our parents, wedding party attendants, and my girlfriends...





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Booo i just called the local michaels and they dont have any left :( and the next closest michaels is like 5 hours away, lol. My budget does not allow for spontaneous road trips for passport covers. Are you guys looking to get one for each guest? I don't think any of those colors were very manly.. so maybe only the women would want them.. hum.. oh well. No passport covers for me this time around. Too bad you can't order from their website.


I saw someone post the cheapest place they found the Tide sink packets was at Shoppers drug mart - how much were they there?

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