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WTF-- Deanna the Bachelorette is the Cohost for "Get Married"!?!


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WTF? Why, and how is Deanna Papas the co-host for a marriage / wedding website / tv show that gives out advice and suggestions for memorable and successful weddings!?!?


Last I checked, her relationship attempts weren't panning out so well.


Please, Deanna lovers, keep in mind I am biased because I DO NOT like the girl. Who chooses the random snowboarder over the hot daddy?

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Originally Posted by azhuskergirl View Post
it was always about her 15 minutes of fame.

TICK, TICk, TIck, Tick, tick, tic......... Isn't she done already?!?

LOL I completely agree!!! I DO NOT like her at all.. and seriously, WTF are they thinkinghuh.gifhuh.gif?

And if her and Jason got back together; I will completely lose what very little respect and liking I have left for him after this season.
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