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I REALLY need to get this off my chest...

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girl_werewolf.gif I'm SO mad right now!!! I have to get this off my chest before I explode, but there's nobody else I can really talk about it with, so I figured I would give you gals the pleasure of listening to my rant...


FI is a security guard at a mall. Yes a mall cop. Anyway, he enjoys his job, but it's not what he wants to be doing for the rest of his life, he's just saving money to return to school. He takes his job seriously, but wouldn't cry himself to sleep if he lost it, kwim?


I was going to post a super huge rant, but it's just way too long to explain fully, so here's the jist of it:


FI refused to go in yesterday because we had a huge storm and the roads were covered in ice, there was zero visibility at times in the snow, and it's at least a half-hour drive to work. So his supervisor got another guard who lives five minutes away to cover his shift. No big deal, the mall didn't open until 5 PM anyway. FI lost his shift, but at least stayed safe and warm.


So today when FI goes in for his shift, he's given a notice to pass out to all of the stores that states that the mall as a whole will NEVER be closed in the event of a storm, it will only close on major holidays (Christmas, Good Friday, Canada Day, etc.) and it is at the discretion of the individual stores to choose whether or not they will open on that day.


So piss off #1: The mall will NEVER close during a storm. Meaning FI will never get a snow day, no matter how terrible it gets outside.


Then, the other guard, who I already hate but can't put my finger on why, gives FI the cold shoulder the whole day. The other guard (let's call him "Josh") is in his 20's and is a "mommy's boy" type and has never had a girlfriend (but desperately needs one lol). He's a complete lap dog and if their supervisor says "Jump", he's the first one to ask "How high?" He doesn't understand how people can care about anybody else but themselves, and lives for himself and only himself. So he comes into the office looking mad and the conversation goes something like this:


FI: What's wrong?

J: I'm UBER pissed

FI: Uber?

J: Yeah, it's German for "a lot"

FI: Okay... Well what's wrong?

J: I'm feeling really sick and don't want to be here at all

FI: Then why don't you see if someone can cover your shift and go home? Go get some rest if you're not feeling well.

J: Well I can't afford to lose a shift, unlike some people. I only have $50 to my name right now.

FI: And you think that I can? I couldn't afford to lose my shift yesterday, but it was better than possibly losing my life. I have $40 so I can get cabs home the next two nights after my shift, that's all.

J: Well if I were you, I'd take every shift I can get. You're a lot worse off than I am.

FI: Yeah, I do need the money, but I'm not the only one I have to worry about.


At that point FI just walked out of the office. He was so mad at "Josh" that he just couldn't stay there any more.


I'm just so mad that A: nobody cares that these guards are putting their lives at risk to go in during a storm just because one of the stores "might" decide to open, and 2: Josh is such a censored.gif lapdog that he doesn't care about anything or anyone else, and if FI tries to defend himself to Josh, then Josh will go to their supervisor and turn it into a "Marc attacked me, wah, wah, wah".... Not to mention the fact that his head is so far up his supervisor's ass that he can help him floss... I hate brown nosers....




(And yes, I said A, then 2, on purpose. Why? Ask Uncle Jesse from Full House. And I'm sorry it's so long, I just had to let it all out before I explode... Have I mentioned how much I love BDW? lol)

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that's totall bs I would be fuming too sad.gif vent away!!!

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Oh, I understand what you mean about making people show up during snow days. My fiance is a retail manager, and he has to show up no matter what the weather is like. His commute is 45 minutes down a highway that people drive like morons on. Not to mention we live on a huge hill. One time during a storm, he couldn't get back home. It took him an hour just to get down our street!

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I HATE MY DAMN COMPUTER!!!!! I just had a reply all typed out, and I hit "backspace" and it went back two pages and I lost it all! censored.gif


I completely understand some people needing to work during all winds and weathers (and holidays), like police, health professionals, plow drivers, etc, but security guards and retail managers? I worked retail for two years, and there were days when we didn't bring enough profit to even pay for our wages, let alone the electricity we wasted by coming in. If I was a business owner, I'd seriously think "Hmm, is it profitable to open my store today?" and if the answer was "No", then I'd let everyone stay home in peace and comfort. It's not worth risking people's health and safety over...


And drivers need to understand, SNOW means SLOW! lol

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