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Unique Ceremonies

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Originally Posted by Kasey04 View Post

Forgive me if someone already posted about this, it's hard to trudge through all the pages of each thread! But my fiance came across this, and even though it's quite expensive, we have decided that it was just too perfect to pass up! The website is http://www.unityinglass.com/ . It's a place where you order different colored glass beads, we would pour them into a vase at the ceremony like you would sand. And then you send the beads back in and they melt down the glass to form these beautiful glass creations (figurines, vases, etc). I love that it's something we can keep forever and, god forbid it breaks, we can just send it back in to be melted together again, lol! 

Wow that's beautiful!!! Thank you for the ideas!


I really like the hand ceremony as well.   I also really like the idea of the sand ceremony with the picture frame inside.  Oh the decisions decisions

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This thread has been very helpful with incorporating unique ceremony touches. I contacted my wedding coordinator about the butterfly release in the DR and unfortantely, she said that is not an option there. So, I guess we will just be doing the 3 cord strand. I love this concept as well but wanted to add the butterfly release to the end of ceremony. Oh well. Maybe it's for the best b/c I read some negative reveiws on it. Thanks again ladies for all the unique ideas.

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Anyone done a painting ceremony? Where the bride and groom paint the inside of a heart? If you have could you let me know, I would love some details on how you did it. Thanks :)

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Originally Posted by MissNatalie18 View Post

I just did some more research - I thought about a stone ceremony and googled it. I love stones and already have them incorporated into our wedding (each guest will have a stone with their name painted on it at the seat during dinner)! I found a great idea to incorporate stones into a symbolic ceremony.

Option 1:
Have your bridesmaid or some one in your wedding party hand out a stone to each guest as they arrive. The guests will be instructed to hold onto the stone during the ceremony. Then the officient will say... I am not religious so the religious portions can be taken out.

Name and Name, before you met your lives were on different paths with different destinations. But love has brought you together and joined these separate paths into one. Each one of your friends and family here today have been given a small polished stone that represents their unique individuality and their presence at your wedding today. You also each have a stone of your own that symbolizes your previous separate lives, separate sets of friends, separate families and the different lifeâ€s journeys you once traveled.
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Stones are as old as time and good markers to us as memorials. God even told Joshua to take stones and use them as a memorial. (Joshua 4:7)
I will now ask that everyone please take out the stone you have been given and pause to make a wish, a hope, a prayer or a blessing for happiness and good will for Megan and Troy for the future of their marriage.
Everyone pauses to make their wish.

Now, we will collect the stones and the couple will then
add their individual stones to the container as well.
The couple adds their stones to the container. With the combining of these stones, you have now symbolically joined your once separate lives. As the stones have been combined with love into one container, so now are your friends and family joined, through you, into one. And your once solitary lifeâ€s paths are also now one. All that was once separate is now shared, and in this sharing you both will find new strength and joy as together you forge a new lifeâ€s path and destination.

Let these stones be a reminder and a memorial of the love and blessings and support you have today.
And what God has joined together, let no man separate.

Option 2:

When your guests arrive at the ceremony site, they are each given a stone. As your guests hold them during the ceremony, they are infused with the love, good wishes and heartfelt blessings that each of them are experiencing. At the end of the ceremony, your guests are asked to move to the waters edge for the casting of the blessing stones.

Ceremony of the Blessing Stones

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
At this time
May I ask you all
to move to the waters edge
for a Blessing Stone ceremony.

Each of you have been given a stone
to hold throughout this ceremony
The stones have now been infused
with your love and good wishes
to bless, and protect
(Bride's name) _________ & (Groom's name) _________

They ask, that in your minds
And in your hearts
You pray that their marriage be blessed.

Upon casting the stones
I ask you to take notice;

As the ripples
Touch and intertwine with one another,
May our love
also touch and intertwine

To spread love and good wishes
to all around us!

I ask you now to please cast the stones
into the Gulf Of Mexico.

I am going to be doing this ceremony and the hand ceremony! so excited!!! Not sure if I will do option 1 or 2, so hard to decide.


THIS was what I meant to attach to that last reply (still a newbie!) The stones handed out and infused with the love and wishes of our friends and family is amazing. I love to imagine it sitting in our living room as a reminder of our wedding day. I can't wait!

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