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  1. Hi all! I'm getting married at Jade on July 10th! I am SO behind on planning and trying not to stress! Is there anyone else who will be there around that time??
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ironman Congratulations!!!!! Were you able to find some great rates for that week? I haven't booked the travel yet (thanks for remembering me!) but I think there will be some great deals for a while since it's still early. I am SO excited!!
  3. I sent in our deposit! I will be a Now Jade bride on July 10th, 2014!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Arrrrggggghhhh fly out tomorrow! So excited xxx Have a great time!!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by AdamShannon We have been working with Isela as of late and she has been very helpful and prompt to reply (within a few days). We leave for the Now Jade in less than a month so maybe that is why, but her she has been great. Her email address is weddings2.nojrc@nowresorts.com . Thank you! I *just* got an email from Pilar, so I got the reservation form. I will keep Isela's email address as well - thank you!!
  6. I've left 4 emails & still no response over the last month I would really like to get a deposit down for next July, but I can't get anyone to help me! Any email or phone numbers would be welcome at this point, please. Thank you!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ironman I'd recommend picking up the phone and calling them. You'll get an instant response, it will be worth the cost of the long distance call! Thanks! I was hoping I wouldn't have to, but I think I had better!
  8. I've sent 2 Wedding Request forms & emailed weddings.nojrc@nowresorts.com to simply get the process started so I can put down a deposit, and still no word back! (this has been over the last month, so I've tried to be patient) Can anyone please post or message me some alternative conact information for booking weddings? If their dates didn't fill up so fast I wouldn't be worried, but there is only one date in July left that works well for us! thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride I really wanted a blush dress, but it ended up not working out because of the expense! LOL Watters has some gorgeous blush dresses that you might take a look at. Also, here is a pinterest search for blush dresses that may turn up something of interest: http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=blush%20wedding%20dress&rs=ac&len=10 Pinterest is like my best friend right now haha Thanks for the link! Yeah, a lot of what I love is out of my price range (of course!) but I think blush is getting more popular so they have it even at places like David's Bridal! I can't wait to try some on and really see how they look
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennkn87 I really like them, but if I were to go with a blush dress I would have to rethink all of my colors I already had my heart set on. So I'm most likely going to go with white/ivory. Thats not to say that if I see a dress I like and it comes in Blush that I won't be trying that puppy on!!! Do you have your dress already? Not yet, but I'm going shopping for the first time next month! I don't totally have colors picked out yet (I'm SO fickle) but lately I've been drawn to black, white, and either blush or a light coral (Check out this lady's wedding decor on the tables - so beautiful & I am obsessed with anemones lately http://www.southboundbride.com/real-wedding-at-lourensford-hestelle-niel/) (see link for photo rights/source) I saw the MOST spectacular dress, and of course it is some crazy couture dress that is probably worth 3x what I'll be spending on my wedding. A girl has to dream though, right? You have to check out the link to see it on her, it's just stunning from all angles. (http://queenslandbrides.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/real-life-wedding-susan-ben.html)
  11. [@]Wedding2014[/@] not yet. I think my brother may though because he's doing a multi-stop trip
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