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I need a Cancun photographer!!

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Hi ladies,

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me out. I am looking for a photographer to use at Dreams Cancun in November. I have been looking at a bunch of websites and doing searches, but picking off the internet makes me nervous. Can anyone who was married in Cancun give me a suggestion? Thanks for the help!

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Try searching. There are TONS of posts about local photographers... A couple names are

Vanessa Vargas

Claudia Rodriguez

del Sol

Martha Roque

Lidya Solemidt

Cecilia Dumas (sp?)

Michael ---- cant remember

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We have a ton of photographer that we have done reviews on here. I wouldn't be alarmed with picking one of the internet. When I got married thats what I did, and he was AMAZING.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I would really love to talk to people who used photographers in the area. I was all ready to book one and then emailed with someone on the site and was completely turned off by her experience. It's just so nerve racking!

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I completely understand. When I got married I was planning on using a local photographer. However, it turned out that for the same price (or cheaper) I could fly a photographer in and have four DAYS worth of photos instead of four hours. For me, that was a no brainer. Plus, being in the states, it was a lot easier to communicate and I felt much more confident hiring someone who was on this forum and although I never met him, I felt comfortable with him.

I know that probably doesn't make your decision much easier, but I would start contacting photographers that you admire their work and just ask for a price quote. I think I sent an email to about 10 photographers from this site. Then I just found the one that "meshed" my with personality and offered the right price, and away we went!

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The good news is there are a ton of GREAT options right here on the forum! Do a search for the names listed in the post above and you will find some great info.


Dino... I love your siggy. I wish I was in those pics!

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Hey, I'm at DT but I am using a cancun photog who is outstanding...for our wedding and our TTD they are so great to work with awsome photos and great packages.


there packages:

To find out which of our collections suits your needs the best, please download our price list.

Download instructions:

For a better quality of the brochures and images in it, please download the PDF version.



If you don't have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat or if you are not familiar with PDF please download the Microsoft Word version



The price lists include all costs except the travel charge for resorts outside Cancun.


I hope that this information is useful to you and love to hear from you either by email or on our US Toll Free number 1 800 210 4879 to answer

additional questions or be of help to you in any way.






Thank you and

Kind Regards

Chris Bitovich

Studio Manager

Wedding Photographer for Cancun, Riviera Maya


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