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I'm going to send out a quick letter to everyone inviting them to our bachelor/bachelorette party. I have a question about wording and etiquette. Were having a dinner at a resturant then going to a comedy club. How do you word the cost of the tickets and dinner?

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Wow, tough one... not real sure, but i think this would sound OK...

Our agenda for the evening will be dinner and then a night of laughs at the comedy club. If you'd like to join us for either or both of these activities, the cost for dinner will be $xxx and the cost for the codemy club is $xxx. We would be pleased if you could join us.


Does something like that sound OK?

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What do you girls think of this? Also I'm I spelling bachelorette correct? I suck at spelling.. lol



Cain and I are just too lazy to send out formal invites, so here's the low down. Were having a bachelor/bachelorette party on May 19th, and would love it if you can join us to a night a good food and good laughs.


When: May 19th

Where: Mongolian BBQ in Novi, for dinner at 5:00

Second City Comedy club 7:00

Drinks at Dirty Martini, after the show


If your wanting to join us for the comedy club, please send $20.00 per person for your ticket by May 1st, so that we can reserve the seats ahead of time. If you would like to join us for dinner, the cost of an average meal is around $10.00 per person which would be paid at the time of our dinner. We certainty understand if some of you are unable to attend each activity, we look forward to spending time with you, and celebrating with us before we make our way down the aisle.

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