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Which do you like best?

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I am in the process of redoing my website but I am having a really hard time deciding which I like better the charcoal & blue color scheme or the sand/beige /burgandy color scheme!


I am looking for a website that would appeal to honeymooners and of course Destination wedding brides :)


Please vote on which one you like better and if you have a few minutes to let me know why I'd really appreciate it! BTW- the pictures are interchangable (personally I like the burgandy pics better but I am biased as they are pics that I took but I've been told that some like the other pics better....)


Charcoal/ Blue -

Sample Layout 05January 2009


Burgandy -

Sample Layout 07January 2008



Which one appeals to you guys? Which one would make you want to click on the links (they aren't working right now) and look around.



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