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I love my personalized favors!!

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Originally Posted by bcbride View Post
I sent them an email about a week ago, still no reply :/ Anyone have better luck these days with this company?
When I first contacted them, they replied right away, then I sent another e-mail asking a few questions and they never replied back..That was weeks ago :-(
I don't think I can get them anymore anyway, but just wanted to share my experience so far :-)
Maybe you should e-mail them again?

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Sorry we didn´t reply on time, some times our attachments are a bit heavy and some mail systems automatically send them to the junk mail bin.


Please give us the chance to serve you again and feel free to call us or send us an e-mail







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We are ordering 80 pairs of these flipflops for our guests. Alex has been great to work with...they are even able to deliver them right to my wedding planner's office the week before the wedding, so that I don't have to carry them back from the US. They ship out of Mexico anyway.

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