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Gazebo Ideas

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OMG...KarenM rocks!!! Here is the info she gave me for this thread:


I bought them at shopwildthings. They don't seem to have as many as they did when I bought them, but maybe if you call them they might have more in stock.

Wooden Door Beads, Wood Beaded Curtains


this one has crystals & capiz shells

Beaded Curtain "Pussycat" Faux Capiz and Diamante Duo


& they also sell individual strands of beads,shells,etc



here are a few more I found googling

Welcome to Boutiqueful - Your One-Stop Shop for All your needs




Capiz Shell Star Garland Sun Catchers


Add to Cart


Capiz Shell Curtains







Hope you find what you need!

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Hi guys! Rebecca, I found the thread :) You're too nice!


Anyway, there's another thread about chuppah/canopy decorations so I thought I'd post it for you here. I added ours at the end.




And in case anyone feels like tackling a DIY project, you could make them yourself.

Here's a bunch on Ebay that have 2 holes pre-drilled. I think you could just string them on fishing line & tie a knot after each hole to make them stay where you want them. I don't think it'd be too difficult, just time-consuming.


capiz shells 2 holes items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Crafts items on eBay.com!

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Originally Posted by cherany View Post

I'm sure this would be crazy expensive, but you can't argue with the WOW factor!




Very gorgeous! I can't even imagine how much that would cost. I am sure its thousands of dollars :S

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