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Is this a TA norm? Help - I'm new to this and could use some TA expertise!

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Hi -


I've seen many of posts and info on the forum regarding using a TA (which I want to do) and could use some expert advice! I've always booked my own travel and never used a TA, so I'm a bit ignorant in how things work (more educated after reading some of the good posts, but still a bit in the dark!).


I'm looking at having my wedding at a couple of place (one of the Azuls in Playa and also the Paradisus Cancun due to the number of guests) and I was referred to a TA by a friend. That TA informed me that (1) I shouldn't expect any kind of group rate/block of rooms at the hotel, (2) no airline discounts are available (even though I have large groups traveling from 2 cities primarily) and (3) I almost feel like he's trying to talk me into different hotels which do not meet my needs (or my "vision" so to speak) - and was kind of pushy about it!


So, I'm at a loss - I'm not sure what the "norm" is and I really want the help of a TA to organize travel (with 100 guests - yikes!). Yet, I've been to many weddings (destination and such) and there's always been a block of rooms with a certain rate, so I don't know if I should expect something different for a DW in Mexico. I just want to make sure my guests have some options and if I can save them any money, that'd be wonderful too!


Appreciate the input - just not sure what to do next (though finding another TA after #3 sounds like my smart next step!).



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I am not too sure what is the norm for DW, I think that all DW is free to be its own and break the norm.


However I needed help with the resort and a contact for family members, I used Tammy (Host) thru this website. She has been a great help for questions and got me some extra perks.


It is also nice to have someone helping you out that has so much experience.


I hope that helps :)

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