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newbie - mexico!

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Congrats and welcome. We are getting married at Dreams Tulum in March 2010. My entire basis for info is on this site and in the last week I have learned more about my upcoming wedding than I would ever know from brochures or the "official" dreams site. My advice is to stay active on here and hopefully, with help from all the 2009 dreams Tulum girls we are well on our way to achieving the wedding of our dreams!


On the topic of more than one wedding a day, as far as I understand it from this forum the max weddings a Dreams Tulum in one day is now two ( previously three). I also beleive that unless you go ultra exclusive its unlikely you will find anywhere as nice as dreams Tulum that do not have multiple wedding bookings on the same day.


If its really an issue for you another great tip I read on here is to pick both your sunny and rainy locations before hand. That way even if (heaven forbid) the weather is not on your side you are guaranteed that the other bride will not already have booked your alternative location.


Good Luck with everything.

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