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My Target Clearance Veil!

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Originally Posted by Kla.Kari View Post
What a great find... and Kristy, that's a great idea to use it for BD pix... I may have to use that idea.
I totally stole the idea from one of Carly's pics. Now I need to find cute Bride panties like hers!

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That's an incredible deal!!! smile29.gif Especially for how long it is - that's a lot of material!


I got mine for $24 ($30 after shipping).... it was cheap, but it doesn't really matter. It looks nice in the pics and it stayed on and went with my dress. That's the important part.


If I had had a more simple dress, I would have loved to go with a very fancy $$$ veil, but it wasn't the way it went for me.

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