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My Target Clearance Veil!

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I love Target! I ordered this veil about a week ago...with tax and shipping it came to about $11 smile123.gif


I figured if I didn't like it when it came I would only be out $11!


well it came today! not too bad actually! I promise I will post pics later if I can find someone to take them for me...I don't want to show my FI and he is the only other one home! wink.gif


anyway I thought I would share my good find!


Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Long Veil - Iggloo (White) : Target

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Originally Posted by deefalvey View Post
who would have thought? How did you even find that? I looked and see that they have a short one too. post pics when you have a chance!
haha! not sure honestly how I stumbled across it...I think I was looking at their wedding dresses for my TTD possibly...

Originally Posted by syl1115 View Post
I like it! You could always add beads or something if you want.
yeah beads or small diamonds something like that...i might change the comb out too to something more flashy...I need to show my mom first...she is crafty and can help me, she was actually going to make a veil for me but now I think maybe we can just dress this one up!

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