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bride to be 11/14/09 mexico? punta cana?

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Hi Maria! Welcome! I'm a newbie too.

I'm also planning on getting married at Moon Palace. We're already booked for MP Cancun, but would really like to get married at MP in Punta Cana - mostly because we've heard the beaches are A LOT better there. I've been on several family vacations in MP Cancun and haven't been very satisfied with the beaches.

We talked to our wedding planner about changing the location - she said they will know in January if/when they will start performing weddings (our wedding date is June 12, 2009). They may not be ready in time for our wedding, but I see yours is in November 09 - they should definitly be ready by then!

Happy Planning! :)

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welcome to the forum! i'm glad to hear you liked Moon Palace because that's where I'm getting married in April 09. FI and I went to Punta Cana in September and we loved it. I'm sure the Moon Palace there will be grand and fab.


happy planning! =)

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