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I'm so not technologically savvy!! Help!!

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I'm feeling really dumb right now cause I waited for my monongrams to be done by Sarah Sproull and now that I have them I LOVE them and want to use one for my tags on my favours and on other things as well.


My problem is that I can't seem to use it with the templates that I have. I have tried opening it in paint and then copying and pasting it to a doc. but it keeps saying there's been an error and then when the page shows up it shows the space where the monogram is supposed to be but it doesn't show the monogram...just a blank space.


I know it's probably something really simple but now that I have my monogram...how do I use it?? (it's a jpg file)

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IT WORKED!!! Thank-you sooo much. - I had to click on *insert* *graphics* *from file* and then found the file....thanks again!!


Funny that we were just pm'ing and I jsut realized you're from NS and now you helped me out a lot!!



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