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Ocean Turquesa & Coral Brides?

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#2381 aborgesbride

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  • Wedding Date:January 24, 2015
  • Wedding Location:Ocean Coral & Turquesa, Riviera Maya

Posted 22 January 2015 - 11:30 AM

Hi Ladies!!

Just got back from our wedding in OCT this past weekend....so I wanna give you guys all a detailed review of the wedding/resort stuff.


First...the resort:

We had a fairly large group with us, 50ppl all imxed, young singles, families with young kids, older parentals etc. etc Everyone LOVED the rooms and the resort.

Our Transat associate, Mauricio, really treated us well upon arriving, and he does a lot of excursion bookings for the groups where he'll get the bride & groom free, so definitely make contact with him if your planning any excursions.

The resort itself is great, check in was super simple & fast, our rooms we're ready right away, a number of ppl in our group got upgrades for free & we never got hassled by any "time share" sellers, despite what the critics say on Tripadvisor.

Food is good, the Restaurants are definitely MUCH better than the buffets, although the Italian buffet was very good and they have several special theme dinners on the patio in front of the Restaurants.

The sensai, definitely one of the best....Mike's Café best cappuccinos/lattes/desserts

Route 66 I would skip for dinner, but it makes for a great late night snack spot as its open 24hrs.

The beach it is true isn't as clear & turquoise as im used to seeing in Mexico, although it is their winter there. But definitely the morning is clearer then the afternoon when the tide brings in the seaweed. But the waters super calm, soft sand and shallow....great spot.

the pools are amazing, pool bar definitely the most fun, but the kids area offers lots of stuff for the kiddos too.

Everyone loved the place, so its a good spot for a wedding!


OKIE so the wedding....

First & foremost let me tell other brides DO NOT USE THEIR SALON!!!! even if it is included in your wedding package, trust me skip it!!! you're better off doing your own makeup & hair or hiring someone else or any other option.  

I brought pics and everything with me, & I didn't even want anything fancy, just hair down with curls. Turned out a disaster!!! with no time to re-do, so my MOH had to do damage control & luckily I had a veil so it covered it most of the night....but that is the #1 thing I was disappointed with. I coulda done better on my own. It was SUPER crispy hairsprayed and she didn't even finish....told me to come back at 1 to take out the curlers...my wedding was at 2. not impressed.

The makeup....she did aok on the foundation etc....but the eye makeup: it looked like I got punched in the face with 80;s frosty white shadow!!! like cheekbone right around to eyebrows. NO JOKE. I had to hide my face walking back to my room so no one could see me. I wiped it off & redid myself. So overall total waste of my time. I could have been doing it myself or having my friend do it & been so much happier.

The wedding coordinators: Claudia & Maria, both super sweet and they did a really good job. it was basically stress free and they did everything I asked. The only thing I would suggest is confirm what time they pick you up in your room & also confirm about the champagne bottles. I had to call for ours & they ended up sending us both the girls and the guys one loll Not too big of a deal but just maybe confirm those details. They really set up everything and even though, you literally have no idea whats going on, they do everything & it all works out.

Another thing to mention is they do a seating board for you if you mail them your seating plan. I did not know this, so just letting you girls know to save you some time.

Also, the Ipod music playlist worked beautifully!!! they have a guy who takes care of it, he's very good! you don't have to stress or pay extra for a DJ! Also the wait service was great, food delicious! and they set up your own bar on the terrace area...totally like having your own hall back at home.

Be aware they do do a lot of weddings at this resort....on our day there was a smaller group on the next door terrace but honestly it didn't affect our party at all, so I wasn't bothered. Its pretty far off so not like your side by side.

My flower arrangement was BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL and I really gave them no direction, I just said the colours & picked a bouquet from the catalogue & it was soooo pretty!

The wedding was everything I wanted....stress free! and so much fun. everyone had a blast, loved the food. I heard no complaints!

Also, don't even bother paying for extra time, as the Pool bar has DJ set up at night, so its literally like a little club every night on the pool deck by the bar...SO MUCH FUN!!! they have lights, DJs, MC and a bar. done!

we had a blast!


All in all ladies, don't stress they have everything set up & in the meeting you just go through everything you'd like them to do. They are so nice and accommodating honestly! Just don't use their hair & makeup!!

I also got my dress steamed at the resort $30USD, and they bring it in for you all ready to go.

The morning after breakfast delicious! with champagne and on the wedding night they dress up your room...more champagne! loll

have fun ladies and enjoy!

#2382 Kayla88

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  • Wedding Date:July 15, 2015
  • Wedding Location:Ocean Coral
  • LocationAlberta

Posted 23 January 2015 - 05:19 PM

Congratulations on your wedding! I'm so relived to hear it went well

#2383 Marciemarce

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  • Wedding Date:February 17, 2015
  • Wedding Location:Ocean Turquesa and Coral
  • LocationLondon, Ontario

Posted 24 January 2015 - 04:26 AM

Welcome home @aborgesbride ! So glad to hear you had a wonderful day! Sounds just perfect. We are leaving three weeks today so the countdown is on!

I have been contemplating the whole hair thing after reading the last couple of reviews. They are so mixed! I had heard Litzy was really good, and that is who I have booked. Any idea who you had? My daughter is doing my makeup, but I don't really have any other hair option other than to attempt it myself.

Thanks for the review, everyone I read gets me that much more excited! Now to get this dreaded flu out of my house and we will be all set!

#2384 BeachBrideJess

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  • Wedding Date:November 22, 2015
  • Wedding Location:Ocean Coral and Turquesa
  • LocationBarrie, Ontario

Posted 24 January 2015 - 08:24 AM

Hello Everyone! I have a question for the brides that had gotten the Paradise Package and had over 40 guests. How did they determine who you had to pay the extra person fee for? For example we have 69 guests attending 57 adults and 12 kids, do you think they would let us do 17 adults and all 12 kids in the extra person fee? 



Thanks In advance 

#2385 BeachBrideJess

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  • Wedding Date:November 22, 2015
  • Wedding Location:Ocean Coral and Turquesa
  • LocationBarrie, Ontario

Posted 24 January 2015 - 09:23 AM

Hi Ladies, I have another question! Has anyone used the chinese lanterns? If so how much were they to use? and did anyone get a dance floor? 




#2386 ReeBik

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    Posted 11 February 2015 - 10:05 AM

    @BeachBrideJess, the resort would not allow me to use Chinese lanterns.  As for how they determine who pays extra.... they really follow whatever information you give them with little questions.  So, if you tell them you have 17 adults and 12 kids, they'll go with it.  However, the menu options are different for the kids dinners.

    @bodabaib, sorry for my late answer.  I asked my husband (he handled the final total), and he said the thought we paid around $25K when everything was all said and done.

    @BeeJewell, I sent you pictures just now.

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    #2387 Mountainchick

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      Posted 11 February 2015 - 02:45 PM

      I am so happy I found this thread.  We are more than likely going to do our wedding here.  I like this resort a lot!  I am a little worried about the beach though and I am thinking we should do a terrace wedding.  

      #2388 beckysimpson

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      • Wedding Date:April 27, 2015
      • Wedding Location:Ocean Turquesa

      Posted 03 March 2015 - 12:07 PM

      Hello all,


      Does anyone know if you are using an outside photographer if you can just book them at room (its around 230 dollars) and put them on your guest list so you do not have to pay the vendor fee?




      #2389 meganlocke7

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        Posted 08 March 2015 - 10:05 PM



        What packages did you choose? I am trying to get a quote for the complimentary with ad-ons for up to 60 people. Thank you in advance!!

        Hello @bodabaib sorry I haven't looked at this for a couple of months! I chose the Romantic package. We have 70 people so it includes 35 and we have to pay $50? For the extra 35 ppl. Good luck!
        I think as long as they are staying at the hotel you don't have to pay the vendor fee. However it could be that they have to be there the whole week... Not too sure. Good luck!

        Hello all,
        Does anyone know if you are using an outside photographer if you can just book them at room (its around 230 dollars) and put them on your guest list so you do not have to pay the vendor fee?

        #2390 MrsKittenToBe

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          Posted 21 March 2015 - 07:35 PM

          Hey y'all! I just booked this resort a couple of days ago (sent in our info, but still waiting on confirmation) and I am really excited after reading these posts! Our wedding date should be December 20, 2015. I just wanted to introduce myself and start communicating with all of you other future brides!

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