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  1. Welcome home @@aborgesbride ! So glad to hear you had a wonderful day! Sounds just perfect. We are leaving three weeks today so the countdown is on! I have been contemplating the whole hair thing after reading the last couple of reviews. They are so mixed! I had heard Litzy was really good, and that is who I have booked. Any idea who you had? My daughter is doing my makeup, but I don't really have any other hair option other than to attempt it myself. Thanks for the review, everyone I read gets me that much more excited! Now to get this dreaded flu out of my house and we will be all set!
  2. I am excited, not so much nervous as I was which is weird. I guess my thinking is now if I've forgotten something or something isn't just perfect that there is not too much I can do about it. Also it a second wedding for both of us. We are only having 12 of us total, so I think that might be another reason why I'm not stressed. We are not doing a big reception, or separate dinner. Just a meal in the a la carte, and then back to wherever the action is for drinks afterwards. My friend's husband has a nice camera, so he is going to take some pictures for us. We are doing a beach symbolic ceremony at 4:30. I have the menus etc. if you need me to email them to you? Just PM your address.
  3. Hi Jill, we get married in a month. I sent my package to Maria a week ago and haven't heard back yet. I was going to go with the spa until I read the review a few posts back about it being horrible. I've heard Litzy is good too but I'm guessing there's no guarantee to get her. Going to try my own hair and my daughter is going to do my makeup. We are having lots of practice sessions!
  4. So after hearing from Areli, I'm now onto Maria it looks like. The email she just wrote to me from was groups.hpc@oceanhotels.net just for anyone who was still waiting on hearing back. I think I've decided to just wait and see who we get when we get down there as this is the 3rd WC in about a month. Just going to print off everything I have so far, and bring it with us.
  5. Can you imagine how tough it must be on these WC with all the turn over, and having to pick up where people are leaving off? And then dealing with all us in the meantime? Don't worry @@Kayla88, I'm sure it will be fine. Ive lost track of who is responding from which email anymore!
  6. So exciting @@MHyde! I can't believe its almost December already! Hope you have an amazing time. Let us know how it all goes. Funny I thought this thread was pretty quiet, but then found for some reason that all the notifications were going to my junk mail. Weird? I finally heard from Areli. Poor things are probably just being stretched really thin with Daniel leaving and all us brides freaking out. We are at about 10 weeks out from our wedding, so I am going to try to enjoy Christmas and then worry about all the details in the New Year. I got our flowers the other weekend, the most beautiful artificial calla lilies I've ever seen. I wasn't thrilled with the flower selection you get with the Wish package, so for $30.00 I managed to get mine and three bridesmaids bouquets. Gotta love Hobby Lobby sales! Other than flowers and chair sashes, I'm not bringing any other décor down. We are just booking an area of one of the a la cartes for dinner and hoping to find a little private lounge area afterwards for drinks. We are 12 in total, so I'm hoping this should not be too much of a problem. Can't think of any other updates for now. I hope everyone is enjoying their planning, and is getting as excited as we are!
  7. I emailed over a week ago and have not heard a thing! Maybe we were just spoiled by Daniel, who would get back right away, multiple times a day! I guess we just have to cross fingers and hope for the best!
  8. Oh no! that's not good news...has anyone dealt with Cynthia or Ariel yet? I'm curious for those who have already gotten married, or who are getting closer to the date and have this finalized, how we go about getting our info to the officiant, and how customized we can make the ceremony? I don't think we are writing our own vows, but I would like to send a sample of some basics that I would like included to the officiant ahead of time. I would like my maid of honor to do a reading, and my fiancé wants to present my daughters with a gift, and Im concerned as to how this will all flow, if we don't get to meet with them and let them know? Any advice would be super helpful. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I have not posted in a while, but wanted to say congratulations to everyone that has just returned, or who has an upcoming weeding at OTC. I'm pretty excited, as we just booked our trip this weekend, and are getting married February 17th. Its going to be very low key and simple, as there are 12 of us in total. I have been dealing with Daniel as well, and so far he has been wonderful. Hope that everyone is enjoying the process, and I think I will now too that our flights and hotel are confirmed.
  10. Hi everyone, Between illness and computer issues, I haven't been on in sometime, but looks like lots of action! I also heard back from the hotel but from Cynthia who is the weddings and group manager. Not sure if anyone else has dealt with her, but she has been not too bad in getting back to me. Hopefully going to send off my credit card info this week. Just curious if anyone knows how much the deposit is (couldn't find that anywhere) and if it is refundable/changeable depending on dates? I am just waiting to find out my daughter's schedule for next year, as it is her first year of high school, and I want to make sure she can miss a few days of school. I want to reserve my date but not sure what would happen if I had to change it, would they apply the $ to another date? Hopefully Cynthia will let me know that soon enough. Hope you are all having fun with your planning! So great to hear from those coming back
  11. Welcome back @@SarahWember and thank you so much @@HwesleyE and @@BeeJewell you have both put my mind at ease. I am just waiting to hear back from my TA to see if she handles the emails, or if I do, and worst case scenario if I have still not heard back by the end of June I can have my friend who is fluent in Spanish call down. Any ideas on how much the deposit is or does it depend on what package you think you may be using? And I suppose they wont charge your card unless they have a date and time available. @@HwesleyE you mentioned that you have to take an imprint of your cc? So did you guys scan that back to them or fax? Sorry that might be a lame question.... ha ha! I'm hoping that in the next month that I can say that I am going to be and OTC bride too!
  12. Hi again everyone! Not having much luck with a response from the hotel (which I know is quite normal) but I am going to hand the reins over to my travel agent and see how she makes out. I sent an email through the request form on the website, so I am not really sure which inbox of theirs that goes to. Would someone be able to give me the email address that they have found best for contacting either Ana directly, or to the WC main inbox? Just want to make sure I am not sending my requests to cyberspace. Thank you!
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