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  1. Hi Ladies!! Just got back from our wedding in OCT this past weekend....so I wanna give you guys all a detailed review of the wedding/resort stuff. First...the resort: We had a fairly large group with us, 50ppl all imxed, young singles, families with young kids, older parentals etc. etc Everyone LOVED the rooms and the resort. Our Transat associate, Mauricio, really treated us well upon arriving, and he does a lot of excursion bookings for the groups where he'll get the bride & groom free, so definitely make contact with him if your planning any excursions. The resort itself is grea
  2. @@Marciemarce Yes I totally think the salon prices are crazy...my girls decided to do their hair & makeup themselves....im still getting mine done at the salon as its included in our wedding package....but I gotta say im pretty scared I wont like it as I haven't seen many pics of girls' hair who've used the salon at the resort. I figure I can always fix it afterwards?? lol Question: anyone know if the resort prints out a menu for the reception? I was going to do my own, but with xmas & everything, im totally not feeling like it. Please let me know if anyone has info on this! @@
  3. Hi everyone, has anyone used the salon at the resort for their bridal party?? is the wedding hairstyle cost for bridesmaids $110USD? or is that just for a bride....that seems a little high for just bridesmaid styles. and the makeup seems pretty pricey too. $85USD?? usually makeup here is 50-60$ for bridesmaids. hope they do a good job for that price. Also if anyone has a spa pricelist for 2015 please share! I only have the 2014 one.
  4. @@Kayla88 Hi, I also received word about areli, just sent an email to all 3 email addresses I have for the resort asking who I should direct my final guestlist and checklist to...hopefully no more turnovers until I get married, Jan 9th.....its gets a little stressfull, hoping ppl remember your requests, but I plan on bringing all my emails that have been confirmed for all our choices, so I have a back up. fingers crossed, nothing gets lost, and the next coordinator is as good as Daniel & areli.
  5. @@Kayla88 good luck at the wedding! if you are using the resort salon & makeup please share your experience afterwards or pictures! thank you! So I just contacted the other coordinators now, since my coordinator was Daniel. I am hoping I don't have a problem hearing back from them because I amtrying to upgrade my package from romantic to paradise, since we had more ppl book than expected. Should be okie to upgrade since we had already reserved the terrace for the reception, at least im hoping its okie! @@JustynaB were these side by side terrace receptions small wedding groups?? I ca
  6. All I know wa daniel was awesome at gettig back to me so kinda nervous...when's ur wedding? @@MHyde. Mine is January..I'm stressing a little
  7. . Oh no! Daniel was my only contact! That's a little scary! From what I understand a civil and symbolic ceremony are the same except ones legal and the other isn't. And from what I knoe you can customize with readings etc as you wish. If you search "ocean turquesa wedding" on youtube there's a few there
  8. @@SarahWember hi Sarah would you be able to email me some pictures of hair & makeup that the resort salon did for your wedding?? I wanted to have an idea of the work they did so I can show my bridal party....haven't been able to get any pics so far. Thanks so much!! amanda.borges81@hotmail.com
  9. @@ReeBik I'm bringing my own linens as well, what size did you need for the table overlay? Congrats by the way!!!! Congrats by the way!
  10. hey Jenna, I don't think I got your pics in my inbox, could you try again? THanks! @@jill16 So I talked to Daniel & he said they don't have the tequila bottles through the resort, but he sent me some info about a store nearby that does sell them. He said you would have to go as soon as you arrive though to order enough I guess? not sure if theres another company to outsource in the area either? I think im just gonna do the tequila bottles at the reception we're gonna have here...Its pricier, but I don't really want to be shopping for wedding supplies on the trip. Let me know if y
  11. Hey ladies does anyone know if Oceans T&C have options for wedding favours that you can order?? Specifically thinking of little tequila bottles.... The thought of bringing a whole bunch of wedding favors down with me is scary, so I was thinking maybe they have some options there?? Thanks, Amanda
  12. @@MrsSheppardToBe Hi Jenna, Was wondering if you had any pictures of hair & makeup that you wouldn't mind sharing?? I wanted to show my bridal party examples of the resort salons work so they can decide if they want to go that route or do their own. amanda.borges81@hotmail.com Thanks! Amanda
  13. @@JustynaB Could you send me the menu options I got everything else but that amanda.borges81@hotmail.com As for DJ, that's what I read that the dj just literally played music you selected, no MCing...I thought it wasn't worth the $$, so I'm doing iPod playlist. They have someone to run it for you. A lot of brides have said it worked great. I'd be interested in getting costs on lighting too, it looks so nice, plus save me the trouble of bringing lighting. @@BeeJewell I know I'm in the same boat waiting on confirmation if I can reserve lobby terrace for reception but haven't heard b
  14. @@MHyde Welcome Megan, im getting married in January just after you. Have you received the wedding checklist for your selections?? they just sent me mine, and some of the information like guest list & table set up & salon appts. I won't know until later once everyone has booked, so not sure if I just fill out what I know so far & send it back or what? I still haven't gotten a confirmation that I can have the reception upgraded to the lobby terrace though. I'll let you know if I get any other information...so far I've received the photography packages, wedding checklist
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