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  1. Hey girls - I unfortunately heard from Daniel today and he is leaving the resort, just cynthia and ariel left! Also have a question - does anyone have a wedding video they could pass on to me? Wether it be their own or one that an already married bride has sent to them? Hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of what a civil vs. a symbolic ceremony looks like!
  2. Congrats!! Im so amazed by the number of people that made it to your big day!! Our deposits are due by aug 20 so were just starting to find out who of the people we invited are not going to be able to make it down, a bit disappointing but oh well!! Unfortunately i don't have enough posts on here to be able to open your pictues and the website wants me to pay 30USD to do so…crazy!! wondering if you mind emailing them to me?? jewellba@@gmail.com Thanks and congrats again…hope you're enjoying the married life!! Britt
  3. jenna if you don't mind sending some pics my way that would be amazing as well!! jewellba@@gmail.com
  4. hey jill, congrats!! you're getting married the week after me, but we will miss each other at the resort unfortunately, we leave on the 7th and I'm sure you won't be there yet! I sent out just little save the date postcards with date and trip info and my TA's email and number. Goiing to send out formal invites later. jenna how on earth did you do it for 5000?? our package alone cost that!
  5. Jenna did they charge you for putting up your decor? what was there primarily? The only thing I'm thinking of bringing is paper lanterns with one of those ugly dollar store battery operated faux tea lights inside to give the illusion that they are glowing…did they have a lot of those? Im doing coral and mint/turquoise for my colours (ironic i know…i chose the colours before the resort) and in the wedding checklist they only show a really limited number of bow colours (which didn't include orange…but obviously they have orange as they posted pics from the fushia and orange wedding). did they end up having a lot more colours than they said they would? ps. hows the married life treating you??
  6. not sure about the iberostar. to extend the reception by an hour its 12 use/person/hour + 100 for the sound equip/hr and 150/hr for dj. Daniel just emailed me yesterday to tell me that. Never hear of brides being charged to put up decor, seemed like it was the norm - one bride said ana looked shocked that she DIDNT bring her own decor. They could have changed that by now though if everyone was doing it, would definitely be more labour intensive for the staff.
  7. Hey Jill, Its like that throughout most of the mayan riviera so there definitely won't be anywhere within driving distance. If you're looking for seaweed free beaches id try cuba!
  8. I would try to email daniel, Jill. He is the new "ana", his email is weddings.oct@oceanhotels.net. A few of the girls on here (including myself) have had very prompt responses from him. I think OTC is probably having some issues right now in their wedding dept since theres been some big turnover lately. Good luck!! (and you can always try calling them back too!)
  9. Glad you and your computer are feeling better!! The deposit is 250 non refundable but may be transferable to another day (I'm not sure) work asking though! I was dealing with vanesa and ana before and they've both left the company, as I'm sure you've read. Daniel go back to me within the hour when I emailed him today so that was pretty impressive!! Good luck!
  10. hi @@JustynaB and @@jill16 welcome to the group! justyna, i would love if you could send me the checklists, menu and cake choices, unfortunately daniel isn't getting back to me, ill pm you my email! unfortunately i don't have answers to your questions with the exception of those around the photographer. a bride that was just married a couple wks ago (@mrsshepperdtobe) used him and said he was fantastic. But I've also read that same stuff about him as you have. we are planning on bringing down our own photographer from canada as a "guest" for the week, that way we can get rights to all of our pictures instead of choosing a few. Also on the dj note, many brides have just used an iPod and a staff member to run it and said that worked perfectly, thats my plan as well!
  11. man, I emailed daniel two days ago and have yet to hear back from him! you girls are lucky!
  12. @@ddangel1975 hi carla, welcome to the group. If you read up just a couple posts thats been the hot topic the last couple days. Ana is no longer with the company, daniel is your main contact now, his email is also above. Good luck!
  13. Hey Megan, welcome to the group! Im not sure how recently you've been following the thread but there has recently been a lot of turn over with wedding coordinators at the resort. THe good news is it sees they just recycle the same 2 emails so you likely have a correct email and someone will get back to you soon-ish. The only coordinator we currently know for sure is daniel at weddings.oct@oceanhotels.net, he apparently replaced ana but that email is vanesa's old email (so depends on who you were speaking with, but i would try that email if you want a response) ​as for night life at the resort, there is no disco, we have a number of friends that have been to this resort before. There are apparently though frequent "pool parties" that many brides have talked about on here. ​I'm sorry but i can't answer your questions about the excursions or night life outside the resort, maybe someone else on here can Britt
  14. If you could just send me daniel's email that would be great! Just want to send him a copy of my confirmation from ana to make sure that it hasn't fallen thru the cracks with her leaving + ask him if theres anything else I should be doing..hopefully hell send me the spreadsheets himself! (and save you the work!) it would be amazing if we started hearing back within 48 hours!! ( i won't hold my breath though haha)
  15. no way!! thats concerning…how did you come to find that out? I haven't done anything or heard anything since my wedding confirmation (mind you it was from ana!!) but i figured most of the stuff can wait (now that I've got the important parts done time, date, location). Let me know if daniel sends you anything interesting that you think i should know about @@aborgesbride!!
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